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I am Daron. I have been involved in the construction business for ten years in Gordonsville. In this last ten years, I have become much experienced in the construction field. Tools Adviser is my brainchild, and everything you will get on my website is perfectly researched and genuine.

You might be thinking why I am providing this information for free? Well, nothing in this world is free. As you can see I am affiliating the products from Amazon, if you like my posts and buy any products, I will get the commission from each sale. Okay, wait! Don’t make any opinion about me so fast! I am not here just to make money. But I have genuine intention to help others who seek information about different power tools. Now, people who come to me personally for any information about the power tools, I ask them to visit my site and get information from my well-researched articles.

Daron Gaon
Daron Gaon

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How to Sharpen Circular Saw Blades
Tips & Tricks

How to Sharpen Circular Saw Blades

Do you know what the most dangerous kind of saw is? It’s the saw with a dull blade. That’s right. Dull blades on circular saws and other types of power saws can lead to more injuries than saws with well-sharpened

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best circular saw guide rail
Tips & Tricks

Creating Your Own Circular Saw Guide

If you’ve ever tried to do a freehand cut using a circular saw, you know that this task is a bit harder than it looks. Sure, there are those people out there who have worked with tools for years, that

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You can find all the latest tools buying guide with proper recommendation. Read all the guides and choose the best and suitable one for your work.

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You can find all the latest tools maintenance information, safety tips and other necessary things you should learn. Find all the information and educate yourself.

best circular saw reviews 2019

Hardwood Flooring

Learn all about hardwood flooring tips and suggestion from installing to finishing. A complete guide where you will find all sorts of hardwood flooring solutions.

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