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Read out total buying guide and reviews to find the best nailer.

Welcome to our search for what is the best air nailer for home use 2019. Here we present you the best nailer reviews. We put together all information and guide about pneumatic nailer in one place.

We want to make your purchase easier and assist you to locate the most effective air nailer for you. Also in our FAQ, you will find all the answers of most important asked questions. You will even get some crucial information that you need to pay attention to if you want to buy an air nailer.

Important Facts –

⇒ If you intend to buy a good air nailer, you need a suitable compressor to obtain the full efficiency from the nailer.

⇒ Air nailed can do various stuff individually. Like it can do the same task as a cordless screwdriver, or a stapler, which ensure that materials such as floor slabs, plasterboard panels or roof battens.

⇒ Based on usages, you can use a pneumatic nailer in the different perspective. Mainly its use in the woodworking stuffs. But also it’s a must needed tool for construction or any household work.

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An air nailer or nail gun is a none other than a pneumatic tool that can shoot nails into different products. These nails are organized in a magazine with a row or in a roll. When you press the button, the nails will fire into soft products like plastic, plaster or wood. Based on the model, different kinds of nails can consist of in the magazine so that you can use it in various purpose.

The first step to make when selecting a nail gun is to know the kind of projects you’ll be using it for. You’ll find many nail guns that serve different purposes.

The kind of gun you’ll select depends on your use.

Do you want a nail gun to set up a garage? If so, how often do you intend to do so?

Best you know the gun’s application to ensure you spend your money in the right tool.

What is the Best Air Nailer for Home Use?

An air nailer use in various fields such as woodworking mostly, construction, home use, roofing, and many other areas.

Generally, you connect your pneumatic nailer with a cartridge, a compressor or a battery and push the firing channel against the object that you intend to fix to one more. At the push of a switch, the nail penetrates the item and remains stuck in the second things.

When you require driving many nails efficiently, an air nailer for woodworking is a great solution. This tool can sink hundreds – if not thousands – of nails a day accurately and consistently.

However, you can only do so when you have the right nail gun. But there are some points to consider when buying the best air nailer.

 Nail gun applications

Basically, nail guns have four major applications namely:

       1. Framing Nailer – Nailers for framing are powerfully constructed to drive many large nails into a really thick material.

       2. Finishing nailer – Finish nailers are light and built for nailing highly delicate cabinets, molds, and furniture. If you want to affix heavy molding, a finishing nail gun would be perfect.

       3. Brad Nailer – Brad aka staple nailers are ideal for projects that are extremely delicate and precise. If you do finishing projects and requires fixing wood without screws, then a brad nailer would be ideal.

       4. Specialty Nailer (Flooring nailer and roofing nailer) – A roofing nailer is made for driving nails inside the roof shingles. Likewise, a flooring nail gun is designed specifically for driving nails down modern wood floors. In as much as we have these 4 applications for a nail gun, you should read the user manual before purchase. Each type differs from the other. The manufacturer will specify the kind of projects a nailer would handle. Some nailers could work as heavy-duty whilst others such as finish nailers are light framing nailers.

Trigger mechanisms

There are 3 standard kinds of trigger mechanisms for nailers: bump-fire, one-for-one trigger, squeeze and release.

The bump-fire trigger requires you to press the trigger, and then bump the nailer to the exact place you want to drive a nail.

A one-for-one trigger means that when you pull the trigger once you’ll drive one nail. A staple/brad nailer is one example that uses a one-for-one trigger mechanism.

The last mechanism which is squeeze and release is the most popular among the three. It is commonly used by professionals. This is because it drives many nails at a go making it ideal even for inexperienced people.

A nailer with squeeze and release trigger mechanism is very sensitive with multiple settings. Nonetheless, ensure the trigger mechanism for the nailer is easy to press and large enough.

Nail depth adjustment

This feature illustrates the capability to control how deep you drive the nails.

This is mostly applicable when selecting a finishing nailer. Some nailers have easier depth adjustments than others.

Compatibility with an air compressor

It is advisable you select air nailer that is compatible with your air compressor. That would allow you to work with more efficiently.

Storage capacity

You should use a carrying case to protect your air nailer from damage during transport.

Protective guards

Naturally, each kind of nailer we use needs due diligence and care to our safety. Also, you should care for those surrounding us while you work.

Use quality guards as they can wear and tear out with use. Similarly, select the ones that you can find a replacement from a local store.

Therefore, ensure you wear PPE, protect your eyes and watch out for any trailing cable or cord. Check this video from WorkSafeQueensland  to know how to wear PPE properly –

It’s really hard to find the top one from all the best air nailer brand available in the market. Here we shortlisted top five best air brad nailer based on price, efficiency and few other facts.

The NuMax SFR2190 is best air nailer for framing especially in DIY work around the house. You might be confused by reading some reviews that it’s a finish nailer. But it’s only framing nailer. This nailer is set to work with tool-free depth adjustment, an easy-load magazine, and an adjustable exhaust port. The twin triggers can use for either bump or continuous firing. The driving system is constructed to stop completely dry firing, prolonging the life of the tool. This air compressor nailer includes lubrication oil, modification tools, as well as is covered by Numax’s 1 Year Limited Warranty.

What we like –

It’s lightweight and easy to handle.

√ It’s really handy to work with.

√ It has two triggers which is the biggest plus point.

√ Although light-weight, it is quite sturdy and a good alternative for home projects.

What we don’t like –

× It has some kickback issue.

× The nailer has some little air leakages.

The WEN 61720 is the perfect tools for the newbies which are trustworthy and affordable. It’s one of the best deal regarding cost, weight, and usages.

WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is a small, handy as well as light gadget that you’ll more than happy to utilize for extended periods. The color is a great bright blue as well as yellow which we appreciate however it’s remarkably powerful accountancy for its little dimension.

What we like –

It will easily toenail into 3/4 hardwood.

Perfect for hanging paneling, trim, etc.!

Rubber-grip handle with the lightweight aluminum body weighs in at 3 pounds.

Stand up to 100 brads in the magazine.

It’s operated by air.

What we don’t like –

× Sometimes it’s jammed after every fire.

You can do all sorts of the task by The Hitachi NT65MA4. This nailgun is constructed with an entirely tool-less layout. The rubber grip increases the comfort level while you work. Hitachi NT65MA4 has options to work with both ways which are sequential and bump mode. You can shoot one nail at a time with the sequential mode. And using bump mode, you can shoot more than one nail at a time.

What we like –

The attached air duster to clear away dust and also particles from the work surface.

√ No-mar suggestion maintains the surface area free from any scar made by the pointer of the device.

The 360-degree air exhaust portal maintains the air exhaust away from you.

Higher angled air installation maintains the tube out of the way of the user as well as the work surface.

What we don’t like –

× The tool misfires often.

× Toenail jam happens often.

Valu-Air SF5040 is the best deal regarding cost. Within this price, it comes with a nailer and stapler. You can use 18 gauge nails and drive it quickly for all sorts of work. For other tasks, you can use staples without having any problem. It can use in between 5/8″ and 2″ and the staples can use 5/8″ to 1 5/8″. You can easily adjust it without any tools.

What we like –

√ Tool-free depth adjustment.

√ Includes case to bring every little thing you need.

√ Makes use of 18 gauge nails or staples.

√ Drives nail 5/8″ to 2″ inches deep.

√ Drives staples 5/8″ to 1 5/8″ deep.

√ Consists of stapler and nailer in one.

What we don’t like –

× It sometimes misfires while working.

× It jammed often.

The Hitachi NR90AES1 consists of all latest Hitachi’s industrial design. Despite its lightweight body, it is excellent for bulkier and sturdy works than any other heavy nailers.

It has an air pressure of PSI: 70-120, and air intake at 100 PSI scfm. It includes 64 nails in the magazine. You can do some powerful work with excellent output with this nailer.

The Hitachi NR90AES1 is a versatile framing nailer that is packed with beneficial attributes that make it the excellent work companion. If you are seeking an effective, easy to use the nailer to help you conserve time, the NR90AES1 should be at the top of your list.

What we like –

√ It has incredible safety features.

√ It’s lightweight.

√ Best suited for heavy duty work.

What we don’t like –

× You can work with plastic collated nails only.

× The tool doesn’t have rafter hook.

Coil Nailer or Framing Nailer

Just as its name suggests, the coil-style holds nails in really flexible, long strips twisted on a coil. This coil contains many nails as little as 150 and as much as 350.  A best air nailer for framing is available in convenient for work on the roofing.

This is a little pistol-shaped device that helps you drive in fasteners. It is additionally known as a roofing nailer due to its strong application in roofing work. The nailer is additionally helpful for tasks on outside drywall. Regular nails cannot use in the nailer, but you should make use of nails that come on a coil. Although various tools are associated with roof tasks, the coil nailer has some advantages for roofing work.

Strip-style Nailer

Strip-style, on the other hand, holds long strips of nails in 20 to 40 increments. So, you should think carefully regarding the type that suits your project.

This setting for a strip-style dispenses the weight of these nails across the strip. So the tool will have a better balance than that of a coil-style nail gun.

Some people prefer the coil type as it holds lots of nails and it’s easy to maneuver. More so, the nails for a coil type are highly standardized. However, coil nail guns are more expensive than the stick guns.

Needless to say, this selection would be easier if you outlined the need for buying the best air nailer.

Is a pneumatically-driven nailer dangerous?

Yes, pneumatic nailer is dangerous to use. When working with this tool, you ought to always use safety glasses and hand gloves. Also careful when placing your feet and hands while working with the nail gun.

⇒ What is essential to maintain a pneumatic nailer?

Maintenance of nail gun is not that complicated. Use oil properly even at least once a year so the device can run smoothly. Always handle this device carefully. A small flaw can bring any significant problems. Consequently, especially with a used tool, check the device that it has no issues.

⇒ How much does it cost?

Air nailers are available in all price range. Price range varies from 30-700 USD based on the quality.


Choosing the right power or air tool is tricky. Hopefully, this buying guide will give you the points to consider when choosing a nail gun.

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