Band Saw or Circular Saw – What You Prefer?

Band Saw vs Circular Saw to buy

Choosing the right saw between the band saw vs circular saw according to your needs is the first requirement if you are a professional. If you must cut lots of things which come into varieties of size, then you need a couple of saws to do your work smoothly and accurately. However, you can get your work done with only one saw determining your needs. Most of the professionals use both saws to cut different things. In these days, two circular saws have got wide fame. These are band saw and circular saw. Each saw has its features and variability for working with it. Depending on what are you going to do with the saw you need to buy a piece of a saw. Before buying anything, you need to know about the product and the features of it precisely. Here I am trying to give you a quick view of the band saw vs. circular saw:

What is a Band Saw?

A band saw is a saw specialized in cutting woodwork, metalwork, and other Band Saw things. The band saw is usually large and cut any thick thing quickly. It is also used widely in meat cutting, timber cutting, metal cutting, etc. The band saw comes with two, three or four wheels. For regular use of cutting band saw has two wheels which rotate on the straight line. As a band saw has evenly distributed tooth load, it can cut any materials uniformly. If you want to make some irregular cuts and curve cuts band saw is the best saw for you.

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Some features of a band saw:

  • The band saw can cut curves and tenons quickly.
  • The switching between materials is possible in the band saw.
  • The band saw can cut any thick material with smooth finishing line.
  • The band saw can cut big billets of titanium.
  • It can cut materials tightly and in one direction.

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What is a Circular Saw?

The circular saw is mainly a handheld saw, popular in Carpenters, gardener, and home builders. Circular saw moves in the circle while cutting the things with its blade or abrasive disc. What circular saw is popular for cutting wood, plastic, the small sheet of metal and paper, etc. It designs for making a single cut of material. Electricity is the primary power source of a circular saw. Power but other portable circular saws can also run by the strength of the battery. There is the different circular saw available like; table saw, power saw, cold saw, concrete saw, abrasive saw, Sally saw, etc. Circular saw can cut tiny material with excellent finishing. The cut line indicator of a circular saw ensures the accurate cutting of metal, wood, and any other objects. It requires a little practice to work with a circular saw as it is lightweight and handheld power tools.

Some features of a circular saw:

  • It uses for cutting small material.
  • The circular saw is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Beginners can cut with the circular saw as it is available with convenient facilities.
  • What circular saw is available with different blades, so you can use one saw for the distinct purpose.
  • What circular saw is mostly applied in the home construction work, etc. purposes.
  • Circular saw has the electric brake which can stop the motors within two seconds of time.
  • It can make any bevel cut whenever it’s necessary. Its angle stop indicator also stops the blade when you need it.

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Why should you buy a Bandsaw?

You need to buy band saw if you are a highly professional and owning a shop or industry where frequent cutting is necessary. To get higher productivity, you need a band saw. The bandsaw can cut any thick materials like wood, metal, tiles, etc. quickly with accuracy. You can even cut around things with it. If you must cut random and curvy things regularly, you need to buy a band saw.

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Why should you buy a Circular saw?

If you are just a beginner and want to step forward in cutting with the professional touch, there is no other better choice than the circular saw. What circular saw is the best power tool for cutting the tiny wooden piece or metal sheet accurately? It is suitable for the Mason, woodworker, the constructor of a building. If you are someone among them, buy a circular saw to make fast your work. For working purpose, choose the best circular saw for you. There are two forms of a circular saw on the market. One is corded, and the other is cordless. If you must frequently move with yours saw, then you should buy a cordless circular saw. The power source of a cordless circular saw is the battery. The electric connection runs the corded circular saw. You should buy a circular saw if you need a handheld but powerful power tool for your working purposes.

Which Circular Saw is the Best for You?

The best circular saw must have some identical qualities. You should choose the saw which is sturdy, lightweight; bevel function enabled, cheap in a budget, lasts long and can run smoothly. Cut indicators, laser signs are also the essential things you should search in a circular saw. Before using a circular saw, you must go through a circular saw safety tip, which is necessary before using any power materials.

Bandsaw and the circular saw is two different saw. Where a band saw is used for cutting irregular and curvaceous cut while the circular saw mostly uses in cutting straight cutting. I highly recommend it to the professional keeping both saw as both have different useful features. But if you are not an expert and frequent user, buy only one matching your working area.

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