Guide to Find the Best Wood Storage Sheds or Build One for yourself

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If you are looking for a best wood storage sheds, you probably want to make sure that you are staying on a budget before making your next buy. Luckily, there are many cheap sheds that you can choose from. With so many brands and styles available, you can be sure to find the perfect amount of storage for your needs. Look at some of the following tips for advice on how to go about making your purchase.

When looking for cheap storage sheds, it is important to have an idea of how much storage you will need. You will need to think about all the items that you wish store as well as the space that you must place your storage unit. If you get a shed that is too big, you may not be able to place it where you’d like. When making this important size decision, it is a good idea to talk with the storage shed company to get a better idea of your sizing needs. They will be able to assist you so that you have a better understanding of your options and needs.

It is also a good idea to look around at different companies. Not all sheds will be sold at the same price. If you do some shopping around, you may be able to get a better deal. This will allow you to get the same great cheap storage sheds at a fraction of the cost. It is also a good idea to do your research so that you know you are getting a quality shed for your money. There is no sense in purchasing a poor quality shed just to save a few dollars.

Are you looking for the best cheap sheds? Some popular brands include Rubbermaid, Lifetime, and Tuff Shed. Many of these brands have great reviews that discuss the quality and level of care that goes into each product. It is a good idea to look up the specific model that you wish to buy. This will allow you to learn more about the specific product as well as the brand that you are considering purchasing. You will be surprised to find that even some name brand companies offer best wood storage sheds.

Do not just settle for any storage system. With a little extra research and care, you can find great cheap sheds that meet all your needs. You want to make sure that you can store all your belongings in a safe and quality storage shed. Take the time to look around and find a great deal so that you can save money on your storage purchase and be happy with the product’s results.

Recommendation for Best Wood Storage Sheds

For choosing the best wooden storage shed for home use, here I’m reviewing some of the best tool available in the market regarding prices and quality.

Most Affordable Shed - Arrow 8' x 6' Hamlet Storage Shed

This shed is one of the best you can get at this rate. Your garden tools, pool toys, long equipment, etc. will fit in nicely in this 230 cubic feet shed. You can utilize the maximum space of this shed to keep all of your lawn tools and other accessories properly. This metal shed is constructed with electro-galvanized steel which is resistant to corrosion, water, heat, rust, etc. and also protects from UV rays. It is a nice looking outdoor metal shed compliments most of the exterior with the eggshell and meadow green appearance.

It is designed efficiently ensuring durability and quality that protects your items under any weather conditions. For enhanced security it has pad lockable doors. For easy access and removal of the items, it includes a single sliding door. Its sloped steel rood allows quick water and snow drainage. The best part of this shed is, it is super easy and quick to assemble as the parts come with it are pre-cut and pre-drilled. A team of two people can easily install it properly going through the manual and instruction properly. There is no need for any professional help that will cost you extra money. The walls of this shed are 5 feet, so anyone can easily assemble them going through the instruction — all you have to be careful about installing it on a farm and flat base and follow the step of assembling the parts properly.

What We Like –

  • Material: Electro-galvanized steel enhances durability.

  • Outlook: attractive appearance enhances the outlook of the home and garden.

  • Slop roof: designed with sloped roof to reduce pooling of water.

  • Quick assembly: can be easily assembled.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Screw: attaching the screws is not easy for everyone.

Top Resin Shed - Keter Manor 6 x 8 ft. Shed

If you want something different than conventional wood or metal sheds, you can put a thought of going for this stylish shed. It comes in many styles and colors that will compliment your garden or backyard greatly. It is a super quality resin garden shed made with using recycled plastic resin available in a convenient size that you can use for storing your garden tools safely. This shed is built with tough resin plastic material, keeping the weight light yet sturdy and durable to keep your storage safe and fine. Its ceiling is high enough so that people can move easily and keep the stuff properly. Unlike other wooden or metal sheds, this shed does not peel, rot, rust or decay ensuring proper weather resistance till long term. You don’t even have to spend a lot for its maintenance. It is UV protected to protect the shed from all weather conditions. There is no need for painting it or preserve it with other chemicals. It has an additional floor panel to keep the interiors and items safe, dry and clean.

It has super sturdy construction quality where you can easily assemble the sheds. It has an additional floor panel that keeps the items clean and dry. It has great ventilation as it comes with fixed windows providing safety as well. The doors are lockable to enhance the security of the storage.

What We Like –

  • Size: convenient size for storing garden tools and equipment.

  • Multiple styles: available in multiple styles and design.

  • Floor panel: quality floor panel helps to keep the interior as well as items clean and dry.

  • Built in ventilation: its’ built in ventilation and windows allow natural light ensuring safety.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Weak foundation: during heavy rains, rain water reaches to the bottom of the shed sometimes.

Best Value Shed - Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Shed

This shed can be your great pick if you are planning to use your sheds as garden tools, pool supplies storage. It is strong and durable, designed with high-grade steel metal. It also comes with a great and nice appearance in different color schemes that makes your garden or backyard nicer. It comes with an easy installation process if you go through the instruction properly. This outdoor shed needs to be placed on a flat level of foundation or wood or concrete.

This shed is constructed with high-grade metal and steel reinforced material to increase the durability and quality. Its’ high arched, steel-reinforced doors provide a high door opening with secured latching mechanism door locks. The walls are made with a high-density-polyethylene design to protect it from fading away or damping. The high pitched roof protects the roof from heavy snow and rain.  Its UV protection makes it superior and perfect for any kind of weather condition, allowing max wind resistance and other weather conditions. It is UV protected which prevents any kind of fading and cracking.


What We Like –

  • Material: dual wall high density polyethylene construction with sturdy steel reinforced quality.

  • Weather protection: UV protection provides protection from any kind of weather damage.

  • Easy assembly: high grade metal screws allows easy and secure assembly of the structure.

  • Low maintenance: does not require much maintenance, keeps the interior and storage dry and clean.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Door latch: The door latch requires stronger and additional latching door bolt for security.

This shed includes four large skylights, two screened vents, and a shatterproof window with customizable shelving system. Shatterproof windows increase the ventilation where the screen vent allows additional airflows. Its floor is specially constructed to resist slipping as well as any kind of stain, spillage. It keeps the interior dry and prevents from rusting. It is super easy to clean, unlike other sheds you don’t need to paint it.

Best Slip-resistant Shed - Lifetime 60005

If you are looking for a nice attractive design shed, with long term durability, this plastic shed is the perfect one for you. It is designed maintaining the proper shape with 6’3’’ feet tall door to provide enough space for keeping all your storage. Its customizable shelving system gives you the flexibility to keep your necessary garden tools and stuffs according to your preference. Its steel reinforced dent-resistant double wall, polyethylene plastic panels makes it stronger and durable under any weather conditions. For easy and quick rain and snow drainage, the roof is made with heavy-duty steel trusses. It enhances the roof’s strength to a greater extent. Its super weather resistance seams keep the interior and all your stuff dry. UV protection technology prevents fading and cracking. So you don’t have to give your time in its maintenance. It does not require any painting, and also the floors are resistant to stains, oil, and other solvents. Moreover, its lockable doors give you better security than most other sheds in the market.

It is a pretty much good deal as you can easily assemble the sheds going through the instruction and manual properly. All you need to do is to be careful while assembling the parts properly and constructing it on a flat cement or wooden platform.

What We Like –

  • Assembly: can be easily assembled.

  • Lockable doors: ensures strong security.

  • Weather resistant: quality weather resistant technology keeps storage safe and dry.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Door alignment: maintaining doors’ alignment after construction is bit difficult.

Best Wind-resistant Shed - Lifetime 6446

If you are looking for a stronger, durable shed with larger storage space and attractive design, this can be the best option for you. Its six key features make it different from the other sheds. It comes with six small skylights, two shatterproof polycarbonate windows, two screened vents, two decorative shutters, two peg strips, two 90’*9 shelves, four corner shelves, and a ten-year warranty. You also get floor and installation hardware included with it. Its installation process is super easy. All you need to do is to follow the instruction properly.

Its dual doors allow easy access to fit in your storage without any difficulty. Its innovative design and durable structure make it last longer than most of the garden sheds in the market. Moreover, it comes with a great security system including an internal spring latch, interior deadbolts, and an exterior padlock loop. Its customizable shelving and storage system makes a lot of space for keeping your all necessary garden tools and equipment safely.

It is designed with sturdy steel material to ensure durability. Its dual-wall-high-density polyethylene system. Quality heavy duty steel trusses strengthen roofs quality. The roof is also designed for quick drainage of snow and rain. It is specially designed with slip-resistant floor technology to protect it from oil, solvents and other stains. Its skylights, vents, sliding windows give enough light for anyone to do all the carryings, removal in daylight. It also provides a proper ventilation system that resists any damping of the storage inside it.

What We Like –

  • Durability: serves long time, keep the storage safe in all-weather condition.

  • Attractive design: its sleek design compliments your property.

  • Low maintenance: does not require much maintenance.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Set up time: requires bit longer to install the whole structure.

Buying Guide - FACTORS to CONSIDER

You can get lots of variety for your home and garden sheds. Choosing the right one will help you to utilize your available space and keeping your garden accessories and tools properly. It is more like an investment that keeps you off to worry for the long term. There are a few criteria I’ve pointed down below that you consider if you are investing in garden sheds for the first time.

» Material – The material of a shed is available in different types. Which one will be best and suited most in your case depends much on your preference and surroundings. The material of the storage should be durable as well as light in weight so that the construction does not become too difficult for you. Moreover, it should also protect your necessary tools in all kinds of weather.

  • Metal: lots of people are choosing metal sheds over other shed options. Though you don’t get a variety of designs and outlook in a metal shed, because of its strong durability and quality they are going for this uncommon option. Metal sheds give you not only durability but also a great secure and long lasting option for keeping your garden tools safe. No matter whatever the weather condition it is, it keeps your garden tools safe. But you need to be careful while choosing the metal sheds; if you buy cheap and thin metal sheds, it might rust quickly.
  • Wood: wooden sheds are the most popular option for garden sheds. It gives a nice classical look to the whole space. Wooden sheds are available in different sizes and ranges that you can use for keeping all kind of necessary equipment and tools you need to. Most of the wooden sheds are made from softwoods. The most crucial and lagging point of wooden sheds is that they are easily prone to rot down. But if you want a long lasting durable one, resistant to rotting you will have to pick the right one that will be expensive than the traditional ones. But with proper maintenance and preservative application, a wooden shed will last more than ten years.
  • Resin: resin sheds have become a great affordable alternative of conventional sheds. It’s basically a high-quality plastic material lighter than wood and metal sheds. So you can easily build it without the worry of carrying heavy metals here and there. Resin sheds are lighter and easy to build, yet much stronger and durable in adverse weather condition. Resin sheds are specially designed with UV resistance for outdoor use.

» Fabric: fabric covered sheds are becoming more and more popular for its flexibility and versatile yet strong and durable quality. It gives you adjustable space that you can customize according to your storage needs.

Size: when it comes to garden sheds, size is a crucial factor that depends on all on your preferences and needs. Size of the shed depends mostly on the available space you have or space you wish to place the shed. You also need to keep in mind about the amount and size of equipment, tools; you are planning to place there. You can get different sizes of sheds in all materials.

» Design: garden shed is not merely a storeroom to stuff all your garden tools. An outdoor shed will definitely put an impact on the overall look of your garden, house, and the property. Therefore, you should choose a shed design that will compliment your property as well as store all your equipment and tool safely.

» Price Vs. Quality: when choosing the right garden shed for your property, it is necessary that you consider the price along with all the criteria. If you know what you want, it gets easier for you to pick one in the right price. If you want a long-lasting, durable one, you might need to pay some extra. But if you only go for the ones with low prices, you might not get the right quality shed and later you have to pay even more for maintenance.

So it is better to pick the high quality sheds suitable for the property keeping you relax for the long term under any weather condition.

Things to avoid investing in the right shed will not only give you a long term quality service but will also save your maintenance cost to a large extent. There are some things that you need to avoid not to regret later.

Don’t compromise with the quality or size to save some bucks. If your storage is larger, don’t buy a smaller shed because you will have to replace it again later.

Security is a crucial factor to consider while choosing the garden shed. Most of the sheds don’t come with a great security system or locks. But as you keep your valuable equipment inside these sheds, along with protecting them from weather adversaries, you will have to be careful that it does not get broken or stolen by the thieves. That is why you will have to secure it structurally to remain carefree while you are not at home.

best wood storage sheds

Small Wood Storage Sheds Can Serve a Variety of Functions

Small storage sheds can be used for many purposes in your yard and garden. They can be used to store garden equipment or function as a workshop for the handyman. Any type of storage problem can be solved with one of these structures. They are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials. You can choose an option that will blend with your landscaping, garage style or match the architecture of your home.

These self-contained buildings are constructed from many materials including wood, Duramax vinyl, steel and cedar. They can be used as children’s clubhouses, dog kennels or chicken coops. They can serve many commercial purposes as well. Many custom options are available such as vinyl siding, shingles, flower boxes, shutters, stain or paint finishes, heaters and many other custom touches. You can buy your shed prefabricated or get a kit and assemble the building yourself.

Small storage sheds can be employed as a mini barn or pool house. You can even get one large enough to serve as a garage. Choose from major brands like Rubbermaid, Sears, Duramax, Arrow, Lifetime, Suncast and Ezup sheds. You can find models for a little over $100 up to $1000 or more for larger structures. Small vinyl sheds are often the least expensive models. You can find a great selection of brands, sizes, materials and options by shopping online.

These outdoor buildings are easy to clean and maintain. Rubbermaid storage sheds are leak-resistant, durable and resistant to dents and other damages. They are completely weather-proof if that is an important consideration for you. Other brands have similar features. It is important to consider all your options before you buy, depending on the use to which you will put your new shed.

They are great for use as a potting shed, a child’s playhouse, garden hutch or for green pod recycling. Store tools, lumber and construction equipment for your business. Burglar alarms are an available option. Small storage sheds can help you keep your yard organized and protect equipment from the elements.

You can choose from some great styles including Gable style, classic wood, Colonial, wide Gambrel barns, refuse storage, five-corner, and workshop style sheds. You might prefer an A-frame or dormer type of building. You can find small 3’ X 5’ sheds up to 30’ X 30’ garages. By searching online, you can find just what you need. If you are not sure, you can request expert assistance to guide you through the process. Shed heaters and air conditioning are also available. You can customize many models to suit your needs. Most buildings are freestanding, but you may want to pour a concrete platform to enhance stability and increase the life of your outdoor building.

Build or Buy a Shed: Why Not to Build Your Own?

Wood storage sheds are useful for housing lawn and gardening equipment, bicycles and tools. They should also look good the designated spaced. If it is going in the back yard, the style should be like the home. If the structure is farther away, it will simply need to look neat and well-constructed.

There are two ways to acquire wooden storage sheds. They can be purchased as kits or homemade. If you are going to make such a structure, the proper tools and a good set of plans for wooden sheds are needed. Some basic wood working skills are also required. Plans available on the internet can range from functional tool sheds to stylish cottages. There are even instructions for gabled roofs and decorative windows.

The first and most important step in building wood sheds is preparing the foundation or floor. A cement foundation that is level, will help keep everything from the framework to the walls level. If the ground can be easily leveled, cement deck blocks can be used, to begin the framework and attach the floor joists.

Those who are not so handy or who don’t have time for building, can find a wide array of wooden sheds from retail and home improvement centers. Prices will range from $700 to $2,000. Price will usually depend on size and style. There are also many online retailers that specialize in outdoor wooden storage sheds. Finding the right kit is a matter of choosing the style and size in your price range.

At the lower end of the price range, 10 by 10-foot wooden sheds will offer plenty of room for storing lawn equipment and sporting gear. It may still come with some small decorative features, like coordinating trim around the doors. Kits for wood storage sheds of this size will include everything needed to put the structure together. All you need are basic tools, shingles for the roof and a foundation.

If a charming cottage is more your style, there are plenty of models with windows and attractive features, for around $1,000 to $1,200. Many models feature double doors, so that lawn tractors and motorcycles can be easily stored. Much of the charm of cottage style wood storage sheds comes in the trim and special design features. A plain structure can later be made to have charm, by adding some trim or special decorative features.

Other common styles of wood storage sheds include cape cod and salt box. The cape cod is designed to accommodate an upper loft, if desired. The salt box style is great for lawns or properties with plenty of trees. Its low profile makes it a good choice for treed lots and to tuck into the existing landscape. A salt box model will still come with a wide single door and can include one or two windows.

Tips on How to Build Your Own Wood Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are extremely useful when it comes to storing goods at home. These can be built according to different shapes and sizes and according to the space available at the house. Moreover, raw materials needed to build these shades are widely available in different markets. With some help, storage sheds can be built in very little time by anyone.

When decide to build your own shed, you need to have a clear understanding of how to build a storage shed. In other words, you must plan the process to prevent delays and unnecessary hassles. The first thing that needs to be done is preparing a blueprint that takes important aspects into account. These include the dimensions, raw materials and all other measurements. After preparing the blueprint, it is important to choose the raw materials wisely. Many people prefer using wood while building their sheds. However, choosing the right kind of wood is very important as it needs to withstand hot sun and rain. Another important thing that should be taken into consideration is leaving adequate space for windows. This helps to create proper ventilation for the shed.  You can get your own storage shed kit or order shed plans online.

In the next stage when you build your own shed, you must concentrate on the roof. If you choose to go for the pointed roofs, you will have to use two boards. The boards will join at the center and extend on either side of the walls. On the outer sides of the sheets, you will have to apply an exterior grade primer.

A rain drip edge must be fixed around the roof to make it more durable. If you read any manual on how to build a storage shed, you will understand that you will be required to decide if you want to fix a single or double door in the front. To make the windows stand out, you can use fancy frames that are very popular these days for all kinds of sheds. Once you are done with the construction work, you need to apply an exterior grade along with paint all over the wooden surfaces. The purpose of this process is to protect the shed from all kinds of exterior threats including heavy rains, dust and sun.

Numerous magazines, sites and other resources are available that can provide useful information on how to build a shed. These manuals offer complete information on how you can build your own shed in very little time without much effort. Moreover, they provide simple tips that come in handy when you try to find out how to build a storage shed. For example, you should avoid building a shed at a low-lying area because water can easily get accumulated. Other tips on how to build a shed include using proper raw materials for the work. With these resources, you can simplify the process and use tips on how to build a shed to your advantage.

Why You Need a Build Wooden Storage Shed

Have you ever walked down a residential city street and investigated the backyards of the homes you are walking by? Just about everybody has a building other than the main house somewhere in their yard. Some are larger to accommodate the family car, and some are smaller to store all the other paraphernalia that people collect. All these buildings can be called a shed. So, let’s examine the multitude of reasons why people build wooden storage shed (or a metal storage shed):

  • To store their garden equipment.
  • Use as a workshop to store wood working tools.
  • Use as a garage to park the family vehicle.
  • A playhouse for the kids.
  • A quiet place where you sit and read.
  • A place to keep the pets (could a doghouse be a shed?).
  • Wood storage shed.
  • Food storage.
  • Sports Toys.
  • Hold the trash until trash pickup.
  • Use as a barn if you live in the outskirts.

There are probably many others uses for a shed, but you get the idea.

So, if you do not already have a shed or you wish to add to your shed collection here are some ideas on where to get one.

Well if you are handy and you have your journeyman carpenters’ ticket, you can build one from scratch.

You can hire a shed built, ding guru (contractor) and pay 50 bucks an hour plus the cost of materials to have your shed built.

You can purchase an assembly line model from your local big box store and hope all the parts for assembly are included.

You can go online (where hopefully you are reading this masterpiece now) and purchase a myriad of shed plans that layout step by step instructions to build your very own fantastic shed that you can show off to all your friends and neighbors. (Or you might have the guys over, buy a case of Bud and have a shed building party…yeah that’s it)!

Building a Shed? Wood Vs. Metal Storage Shed

The decision has finally been made. The yard clutter is getting out of hand. The car barely fits into the garage and when you do maneuver it in you can barely open the doors to get out. The darn lawn mower is in the repair shop for a second time this year. You forgot to park it under the porch during the last rain storm. And the gas tank is full of water again! Your twelve-year-old ran through the yard and stepped on the garden rake and left a huge welt in the middle of his forehead. Enough already! A backyard shed is in order. Now the question is should the shed be a metal storage shed or should it be a wooden storage shed?

Maybe I can help. Here are the pros and cons of metal versus wood:

Wooden Shed Pros –

  • Ambiance Blends with surroundings.
  • Use Pine or Cedar- Nice Aroma.
  • Ability to add windows and shelving and wall hangings.
  • Better ventilation.
  • Renewable Resource.

Metal Shed Pros –

  • Easily Erected (nuts and bolts).
  • Less Maintenance.
  • More Secure.
  • Less Expensive.
  • Resistant to Rot Fire and termites.

Wooden Shed Cons –

  • Maintenance: wood should be treated yearly.
  • Susceptible to Termites (in some areas).
  • Over time can rot, split or warp.
  • Mould and Mildew build up.

Metal Shed Cons –

  • Easily Dented (lawn mower or kids playing ball).
  • Noisy in the wind and rain.
  • Will rust over time
  • Condensation.
  • Lightweight risk wind damage.

There are probably more pros and cons on both sides, but I believe these are the most important. If you are very conscious of the appearance of your yard because you like to use it as part of your living space a wooden shed adds that little touch of hominess that you will not get from your primary metal storage shed structure. Otherwise, the metal will work just fine but keep your earplugs handy on rainy days and keep your fingers crossed should you experience a wind storm

Reminders Before Building A Best Wood Storage Sheds

You have decided that a wooden storage shed is necessary because you don’t have any more room in the garage or basement for any more stuff. You have a tight budget, so you consider building the shed yourself. This can be a daunting undertaking if you do not have a suitable building plan. If you are a complete novice, you can start by using the pre-fabricated storage shed kit from your local building supply store. It is difficult to make your shed from scratch unless you have at least some basic carpentry skills. These basic skills can be developed as the project progresses; all you need is a little patience and a few tools. By abiding by the following simple tips, building your shed will be a fun and satisfying experience.

The first step and this is essential, is how large a shed do you need. You will want to take into consideration the size of your lot and, what will your future needs be. Putting up a shed that you find is too small in a year is not a good idea to build the shed large enough so that you can accommodate the accumulation of more stuff as time goes on. Bear in mind the local building regulations in your area as well. The height and proximity of your shed to your neighbor’s lot line must be considered. Finally, before deciding on where you will erect your shed find out where the hydro, water and cable lines are situated on your property.

Next, you want to consider choosing the correct storage shed plan. Only you know for sure what your skill level is. Taking on a project that is very ornate and requires a journeyman level carpenters’ knowledge to interpret may not be the way to go. For a beginner, basic and simple design is more than likely the right choice. Choosing a plan that includes a parts list with quantities and cut sizes for every element (i.e., ceiling rafters, wall studs, etc.) of the shed makes the erection of the shed foolproof.

When deciding what type of foundation your shed will be built on there are a couple of considerations to consider. If dampness is not an issue than a skid type foundation will suffice. With this type of foundation, the shed can be moved in the future. If moisture is a problem than a concrete foundation is necessary. This gives your shed more permanence because you will be affixed to a cement pad.

The shed walls should be the next consideration. Assuming this is a wood construction you may want to insulate the walls. The easiest way to insulate is to have plywood walls inside and out with a lattice in between. You can also stuff fiber-glass or rock wool fiber batting between the wall’s studs. This is easy to do and is inexpensive as well.

The doors on your shed should be your next concern. Larger double doors might be the best way to go if you are using the shed for lawn mowers and wheelbarrows. If it is being used as a workshop where tools and building material are being moved in and out the larger doors will allow for easy access. A lot of care must be taken when measuring the doors as proper alignment is essential for the doors to open and close properly.

Finally, is the type of roof your shed will have. Durability to withstand the elements and attractiveness are important. If you are living in an area that receives snow in the winter, then a flat roof may not be the roof of choice. The better choice would be a Gambrel roof like a barn or a Gable roof which is the most popular. Roof trusses will be needed for both these choices, but they are not difficult to build.

Accurate Building and Time Saving with Shed Blueprints

Building a shed need to be done correctly right from the start using shed blueprints or else a little miscalculation here and there can result to jagged structures detrimental to the safety and appearance of the shed. Problems of imprecise installations during a construction are very frustrating considering the hours and costs spent for woodwork. Back jobs that require removal of previously installed structures are a big waste of time. To avoid these various mistakes, careful planning must be laid out beforehand, and this involves designing the right blueprint to be followed.

  • But why build a shed anyway? – Backyard sheds make use of the extra space in the lawn for something functional like storage and recreation. The accomplished feeling once the job is done is also a great form of reward one can get out from this activity. As much as possible, building sheds must be a do-it-yourself project to be done during the extra hours in the weekend. Even though constructing sheds is not as serious as building a house or a building, repeated failures can still result to large amounts of money being wasted and perhaps safety becomes a concern if sheds are not properly constructed.
  • The type of shed – Before getting a shed blueprint, the builder or the homeowner must first decide on the type of shed he wants in his backyard. These are categorized into small and large domestic sheds. One may start with building small domestic sheds that require lesser materials and can be finished over the weekend.
  • Determine the Purpose – Ask yourself what you will be using the wood shed for. This makes it a lot easier for you to find a suitable plan. Usually, wooden sheds are used for firewood storage. Sheds do not only provide storage space for firewood, they also protect them from the damaging effects of outdoor elements like rain. You may also utilize the shed for tool storage or for other objects that require storage space.
  • Choose a Good Design – When searching for excellent plans for best wood storage sheds whether offline or online, be sure to look at the designs closely. Ask yourself if the design is suited for your front yard or backyard space. Determine if the size of the shed fits the space where you plan to build it as well. Choosing a good design is essential to the final look of the project. You may only get discouraged if you pick just any design out there. Remember that there are many available plans online so exert effort when choosing.
  • Where to get the blueprints – Thousands of shed plans are available on the internet; some are free while some require fees. Free blueprints are often offered by construction companies if the materials are brought from their warehouse. Blueprints that require some fees are mostly from free-lance professional woodworkers or building contractors who just happen to earn from this kind of industry. Wherever the shed plan is taken from, it is important to know the precise area that the constructed shed will occupy. Once this is determined, the materials used must be the second consideration. Finally, the do-it-yourself builder must attune his skills to the designs involved making sure that the required woodwork will not be too hard or too easy for him.
  • Wood Shed Plans Online and Offline – The fastest and most convenient way to find excellent plans for building a shed is to search for them online. The Internet offers thousands of ready-made plans for your perusal. Fortunately, you can download them for free, but if you want to get good options, you may have to spend a few dollars. Do not worry because if you buy one wisely, it will be worth the investment. There are many options for you to choose online. To make sure you get the best plan you need, scour the Web for various plans. It may take time to look at many available options but doing so can give you a chance to pick the right one you need.
  • What to expect from shed blueprints? – Shed blueprints must be a paper-based reproduction of the actual shed to be constructed. It must contain the accurate and detailed designs of the shed especially its interiors. Some blueprints would even include suggestions on preparing the right foundation for the shed. Roofing options might also be included. In trying to decide for the right package, it is important to make sure that more details beyond the actual shed design are included.
  • Easy to Follow Storage Shed Building Plans – Storage shed plans provide a blueprint for constructing the simple and usually single-story structure in the backyard for storage of equipment and other materials that can be eyesores if left lying around and are not suitable for indoor storage. Before picking up a shed building plan, one must decide whether the shed to be built is a small or a large domestic shed. Small domestic sheds have simple construction plans. Storage building plans for these sheds are readily available as kits designed as do-it-yourself projects. Large domestic sheds are more expensive with features that closely resemble house constructions like windows, roofs, and electrical outlets. More than a storage shed, larger sheds would allow enough space for other hobbies like gardening and stuff tinkering and can have multiple floor levels.

Before the construction

For this article, storage shed plans simple enough for a DIY project are covered since these are easy to construct and are less expensive. The very first thing to do is to clear enough space for the construction. Upon getting the estimated free space for the shed, one can go on with finding the right storage building plans, but one must realize that building permits might be required within the locality, so it is advisable to inquire about this. Many blueprints are available as shed building plans only and some have complete packages with all the necessary materials. First time builders may opt for kits so that they will be sure of getting the right materials because woods and plastics for storage shed plans come in great variety. With the list of materials already on hand from shed building plans, gather all the required items like specific wood types and sizes, door knobs, screws, framing, and others.

If you are the type of person who learns better under the supervision of an expert, then go ahead and find an experience wood shed builder to talk to in your locality. He can also provide you with ready-made plans and teach you how to do it. Keep in mind that this will cost them their time so be ready to provide a good amount of compensation as well.

Final Verdict

To find the best wood shed plans, it is essential not to hurry in the decision making. Take time to look at every available plan you can find online or offline. In addition, choose one that you know you can do confidently.

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