15 Circular Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

Uisng Circular Saw with Gloves

Working with saws, in particular with the popular and widely used circular saws, belongs to the most dangerous and accident-prone handyman work. Injuries are particularly frequent in the arms and hands. So, taking proper precaution is the first choice before started working. You also have to be careful while working with a saw in your hand. If you want more precise and accurate cut you will need to use circular saw guide rail and become more careful while working.

Here we are discussing some circular saw safety tips which might be helpful for you.

Some Circular Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

  • Go through the instruction manual: – Read the instruction manual thoroughly and resolve all outstanding issues in peace and so long with an expert until you have mastered the device safely. Practice the handling of the device until you can safely deal with the circular saw.
  • Check the safety equipment regularly: – Riving knife and blade Guard are necessary safety equipment. Assemble them up and check them regularly for their functioning before placing your circular saw to the guide rail.
  • Replace cracked blades immediately: – Replace immediately broken or shape-changing saw blades with intact specimens. You should never cut anything with a dull blade. Cracked or shape-changing blades may invoke severe injury anytime while using the circular saw with the guide rail.
  • Use proper material to remove dust: – Usually, circular saw makes a huge pile of dust while working. So after finishing the work, use a brush or similar to remove shavings on the guide rail; do not wipe with hand or arm! You may get cut yourself if you want to remove the dust with your bare hand. The guide rail has the sharp ends which may cause severe injury.
  • Wear proper uniform while working: –  You must wear tight-fitting clothes while working with a circular saw guide rail. Full sleeves or clear coat can catch easily in the moving parts of the machine. Loose hair and jewelry may also get captured by the sharp ends of the guide rail.
  • Get sure about electric connection: – Electricity is the power source of a corded circular saw. So you have to be careful about electrical connection. The faulty electrical connection of a circular saw may cause death when it is connected with a guide rail. You should be careful about plugging your cord to the right way. If you plug your cord in the backward, it will come back and cut you out. After finishing the work don’t forget to disconnect the power connection and place the guide rail in the right place.
  • Apply proper technique of cutting: – Every professional who uses circular saw should know the proper technique of cutting with the circular saw guide rail. You should start cutting little material from a long material. You also should never cut a board from the middle. Doing so, it can bind and kick back. The beginners should mark the area of cutting before start working with the machine. You should also cut the things, is standing in the right position. As the guide rail make cutting easy you can apply several techniques for cutting different materials.
  • No gloves: – When working with the saw is best not to use gloves because the blade of the guide rail can grab a glove.
  • Save your body parts while working: – It’s your body parts which should be got highest priority regarding safety issues while working. Some basic precautions you should take before start working are:
  • Eye protection: – Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. So you can protect your eyes with safety glasses from wood flying around or other materials.
  • Nose protection: – Wood dust can damage the health. Therefore, always use the suction devices provided on the machine. Wear a mask or face shield.
  • Ear protection: – Wear ear protection! Circular saws can develop a volume of up to 105 decibels (dB) A.
  • Hand protection: – As you are working on keeping your hands on the handle of the circular saw, you must be extra careful about placing your hands. You must put your both hand on the saw while cutting using the guide rail. If you are the righty, you should buy a circular saw with the blade on the left. If you are left handed, you should buy a circular saw with the blade on the right.
  • Put the guide rail in the right place: – After finishing the work never put the circular saw guide rail on the ground uncovered and do not leave your tools unattended. Wash the guide rail correctly then store it in a locked box just after finishing the work.

Circular Saw Safety Tips

The Safe Use of the circular saw guide rail

You should also be careful about dealing with your circular saw or any other saw. Wrong dealing with power tools leads to severe injury. The real thing can be avoided with calm, reflection and concentration. The most important rule when dealing with electrical devices: take enough time for the project. Haste and lack of attention quickly lead to fatal errors. Hard work, a break should be inserted at regular intervals. The right protection for work should not be abandoning definitely. This “convenience” leads only to injuries. So along with knowing which circular saw is the best also you should know about all safety rules. When you are working with your circular saw, read the manual, circular saw safety tips and guide to take proper precaution. And then place the circular saw properly to the guide rail and start working.

The motto “try going over study” handyman should forget. New utensils must be explored only extensively. The user manual provides important information on the safe handling of the top circular saw.

Occupational Safety and Rules

Injuries in the workshop are very common and have many causes: lack of security protection and wearing wrong working clothes are just two reasons. The shoes are an incorporated of metal or plastic caps that protect against falling objects. Safety glasses and ear protection should not avoid also.

Also, some craftsmen wear a coat. This is not tight to the body; he can have caught up in blades or drill bits. Adequate lighting of the work area is also important. So, not only the accuracy of the work should be increased, but also, the lighting should be adequate to prevent the accidents.

There should be a trainer providing proper training to the new apprentice before starting work with the guide rail. Many professionals also may not be used to working with a guide rail. They should impose rules on the workers about their safety. Security and safety should be the prime concern for any occupational institute and industry as well.

The factory time should not be underestimated for home improvement. Often something is done “quickly”. Security measures are neglected and at that precise moment following an accident. Common causes of accidents are not only lack of security measures, but also the lack of concentration, stress, and bustle.

Regular breaks should be inserted in long, exhausting work. Alcohol is totally taboo in all tasks. This leads not only to response weakness; he is also tired.

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