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Speakers Tested

Are you ready to start working with your new circular saw? Is this your first time of purchasing a circular saw? Do you know what cuts can you make with circular saws?

I’m going to brief about how you can make the right purchase of your circular saw as well as the necessary details you need to know about it.

Circular saws make straight line cuts in different angles and depth on different materials (mostly used for woodworking purpose). There are different kinds of handheld circular saw available in the market with various features for a different purpose. Here in this article, I’ve tried to brief you with different information you will need to know before choosing your one. We collaborated with one expert woodworker and tested a few circular saws in the market. Based on the performance, cutting ability, durability, affordability, etc. we’ve chosen the top one.

Recommendation for Best Circular Saw

For choosing the best quality circular saw for woodworking, here I’m reviewing some of the best tool available in the market regarding prices and quality.

DEWALT DWE575SB - Lightweight Circular Saw

It is a full compact tool comes with great design and features. Its’ super powerful makes precise cuts in proper angles and depth. Its lightweight makes it super easy to use. Its enhanced features make it perfect to use for the beginners as well as for professionals. You can rely on this workhorse for day after day that makes ripping through different materials effortless and quicker. It is easy to handle and super durable.

Unlike other power tools, it does not spread the sawdust; it has a dust chute that moves the dust out of your cutting path, so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the cutting. You can cut up to two 9/16 inches deep at a 90-degree angle and one 20/32 inches at a 54-degree angle with this power tool efficiently through 2x material. It also gives you the flexibility to make bevel cuts at angles between 0 and 57 degrees.

What We Like –

  • Lightweight: its super light in weight ensuring durability for a longer term.
  • Electric brake: its electric brake stops the blade immediately after the trigger is released.
  • Tough Cord: provides super resistance to cord pullouts compared to other circular saws.
  • Low maintenance: requires very low maintenance effort while you can work with it day after day without any trouble.
  • Integrated dust blower: unlike other power tools.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Play in shoe: its play in shoes sometimes lowers the quality of cutting.

This small device makes wonder in cutting. You can handle it super ease, and additional features make it different from the other circular saw in the market. You get safety and comfort because of its ergonomic handles and trigger actuation. Its electric brake allows immediate stop of the saw blades after you release the trigger.

Overall, it is an excellent power device built with great durability and performance satisfying the users for both professional and DIY projects.

DEWALT DWE575 7-1/4 in. - Lightweight Circular Saw

This circular saw is one of the best product you will get in the market in terms of price, quality, lightweight and durability. It is designed with a high-grade aluminum smooth base for precise and accurate cuts weighing only 8.8 pounds for easy operation. You can get versatile cuts in depths and angles suitable for any tough materials. You can also make bevel cuts with it at 57-degree that stops at 45-degree and 22.5-degree. It also has an integrated blower that keeps the sawdust out of sight so you can see the blade while it’s making the cuts.

This compact circular saw comes with different features ensuring versatility. Its ToughCord system provides great resistance to pull out the cords. It is a super smooth running device ensuring you get the power, durability, and performance to make cuts efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or professional, this device is the perfect one that stands out best from most of the products in the market.

What We Like –

  • Power: Its super powerful and smooth running 15 Amp motor makes precise cuts in different depths and angles on tough materials.
  • Anti-snag ball bearing: Covers the wood surface smoothly.
  • Integrated blower: Blows the sawdust efficiently for clear vision while operating the device.
  • Visibility: Clear line of sight makes the blade moving visible from any angle.
  • Wrench storage: It’s on board blade wrench storage allows easy access for the wrench. 

What We Don’t Like –

  • Blade installation: Takes bit longer time to change and install the blades.

DEWALT DC390B - Cordless Circular Saw (Tool Only)

It is a cordless, and small circular saw suitable for small to medium projects with excellent performance and durability. It only weighs 6.3 pounds so that anyone can use it easily without difficulty for fast rip cuts and cross cuts. Its 6-1/2 inches carbide tipped blade efficiently makes 2x cutting capacity at 90 and 45-degree also allows additional 0-50-degree bevel capacity for versatility in application.

Its additional features make it a super handy power tool with excellent quality. Its vibration-dampening rubber grip handle makes it super comfortable to use. So you can use it for long hours of all your cutting without the worry of your hands getting bruised and fatigued. It is designed with a fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes that maximizes its power and durability. Along with comfortability and durability, you also get safety as its brake stops the blade instantly you tap the trigger.

Overall it is a great power tool in terms of power, maintenance, and, portability. But as it is a bare tool, you will have to buy the batteries and additional tools separately. If you want to work for long hours of cutting with it, it is better to keep extra batteries while operating.

What We Like –

  • Portability: Cordless saw extremely light in weight.
  • Durability: High strength magnesium shoe and upper guard provides enhanced durability.
  • Power: Powerful device built with fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes for making accurate cut.
  • Comfortable: rubber grips makes it easier to hold.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Bare tool: Have to buy the batteries and additional tools separately.
  • Heat: Tends to heat up during heavy device.

Bosch CS5 120-Volt - Bare tool Circular Saw

This Bosch saw is a super powerful tool can be one of the best value circulars saw available in the market. It has different additional features and quality. It is durable, and its super powerful motor gives precise cuts. Its 15 amps of power motor and light in weight makes it the perfect saw for both the professional and core users. Its left blade makes cutting easier for the right-handed people as they can where the blade is cutting while moving the saw rather than waiting to see the result after making the cut.

The best part of this power tool is it comes with additional features that make it more versatile. Its anti-snug guard makes cuts without you having to advance the guard physically. You can also change the blades without much difficulty with its spindle lock. It allows keeping the blades held in place rightly and securely.

It takes a bit time to get used to with its left bladed feature. But once you get used to with this, you can enjoy all the benefits of its.

What We Like –

  • Left bladed: provides great visibility to cutting service
  • Additional features: enhanced line of sight
  • Super durability: super durable power tool provides durability for long term

What We Don’t Like –

  • Sawdust: left blade directs the sawdust in the direction of the user.
  • Time consuming: people who are used to with right bladed saw, takes some time to get used into it.

WORX WORXSAW WX429L - Compact Circular Saw

It is a great small power tool weighing very light, can be easily handled in one hand making precise cuts. It cuts efficiently 2/4’s in a single pass. It cuts efficiently on different materials like wood, metal, tile, plastic, etc.

It is a great tool that allows fast cuts and easy adjustability of the tools. Its easy-set depth gauge lever and 0-45-degree bevel settings enhance the performance and adjustability. It is durable and easy enough to handle for the beginners also. You can easily handle this device with comfortability maintaining the right balance. You get integrated safety built in it that allows great control in gripping and controlling the device.

It is a left-bladed saw, so you can easily see where your blade is cutting through the object. The blades are also very thin which reduces tool strain to a large extent. It comes with lots of additional tools that allow an easy and wide variety of cuts efficiently.

What We Like –

  • Thin blade: reduces tool strain to a large extent.
  • Adjustment: easy adjustment of the tools.
  • Left-sided blade: gives a clear visibility in the cutting line.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Slower: It is not as fast as the larger saws.

SKIL 5280-01 - Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

Whether you are thinking of buying your first saw or replacing your previous one, this model can be a great relief in terms of quality and performance. It is a complete package that comes with all the tools, so you don’t have to buy anything separately. Its powerful motor gives you easy and powerful cutting through sturdy materials and also makes the cutting effortless.

Because of its incredible rubber grips, anyone can handle it easily. Its single-beam laser allows you to make precise cuts. Its built-in dust blower removes sawdust from the cutting line. So you can easily make a wider variety of cuts in different angle and depth with it. The best part of this saw is it ensures incredible safety. You can easily change blades with spindle lock and on-tool wrench without worrying about safety issues.

What We Like –

  • Speed: built with a powerful 14-amp motor delivering 5,300-RPM
  • Spindle lock: allows easy blade changing and installation.
  • Dust blower: removes sawdust out of the cutting line.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Durability: heavy usage reduces efficiency and durability.

TACKLIFE TCS115A - Circular Saw with Metal Handle

It is a great small device with powerful motor for smooth and precise cuts designed with lots of features. It is a mini circular saw but comes to great help because of its so many additional efficient features. It is designed especially for one-handed operation. It is equipped with a unique metal handle that you can install or remove according to your preference. It makes it easier to operate the device putting less pressure on your hand. It also has an extra rubber grip for extra comfort of the users. It enhances the control and keeping the cutting more stable. You can easily install and change the handles without using additional tools.

This power saw has been designed solely for the requirements of the customers. For small projects, it is a super convenient tool. It is faster and efficient in cutting with different tools and flexible adjustability. You get excellent flexibility adjustability in cutting angle, depth and bevel capacity. You can make cuts in tough materials with different blades that come with the saw.

With everything stated above, the manufacturer has enhanced its performance by adding incredible safety and ergonomic design. It has a double protection switch that does not allow the machine to open suddenly ensuring safer cutting job without any risk. Its powerful motor is position separates the front and rear gravity to balance and stabling cutting properly. Its slim grip helps you to operate the device safely and comfortably ensuring excellent performance at cutting to your requirements.  

What We Like –

  • Adjust-ability: incredible adjust-ability in cutting angle, depth, and bevel capacity.
  • Metal handle: unique metal handle reduces fatigue to a large extent.
  • Design: double protection switch allows safer cutting job.
  • Parallel guide attachment: enables straight, precise cuts at ease and comfort-ability.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Application: difficult to operate in a larger project and materials.

DEWALT DCS391B - MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw (Tool Only)

If you are looking for a lightweight circular saw delivering you nice and precise cuts with great power and speed, this is the right model for you. This cordless device provides excellent power and speed in cutting efficiently. It is built with high strength and lightweight magnesium shoe that ensures durability for long term precise cuts.

With its 6.5 inch carbide tipped blade you can make different cuts at 90-45-degree angle at two times materials easily with it. You can get bevel cuts for a multitude of application with its 0-50-degree bevel capacity. You can operate it with great balance and control because of its excellent optimized rubber over-molded grips. It allows you not only stable and precise cuts but also safety in handling the device properly.

Overall, it is a great product providing excellent power, speed, and performance. But you have to be careful about choosing the quality battery for continuous work.

What We Like –

  • Long term accuracy: sturdy material and lightweight magnesium shoe enhances the durability for long term cut accuracy.
  • Balance & control: optimized rubber over molded grips enables comfort grips for better balance and control.
  • Bevel capacity: 0-50-degree bevel capacity allows aggressive bevel cuts.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Bare tools: user needs to buy the battery and additional tools separately.

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 - Cordless Circular Saw

It is an excellent cordless circular saw enabling a variety of cuts in different angle and depth. You can adjust it easily to your job specification. You can adjust its depth up to one ½’ and bevel up to 45-degrees which gives you the freedom of making different cuts with precision and accuracy. For enhanced power and precise cuts, you should go with the batteries that are listed in the instructions. Obviously, you have to buy them separately, or you can use the ones you already have.

Along with its incredible quality and performance, it gives you the safety assurance, comfortability, stability and balance in making accurate cuts. Its soft grip handle ensures that you get the maximum comfort in balancing it. The top and bottom of the blade are coated with magnesium guards that protect you from bumps and drops of several feet. So you can work comfortably without worrying about getting injured while working. Once you are done with your cutting, you can immediately stop the blade movement with its electric brake. You don’t have to wait for the blades to slow down.

What We Like –

  • Adjustment: bevel and depth adjustment allows you versatile cuts to your requirements.
  • Electronic brakes: stops the blade quickly after finishing your cut.
  • Comfort-ability: soft grip handle allows you to work and make precise cuts ensuring stable control and balancing.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Fence: difficult to adjust with the blade.


This small skill saw is super excellent attachment light in weight designed beautifully. You can use this magnificent trim saw for drilling, cutting, etc. with the base tools. You can attach this with almost all the power tools of Black & Decker as well as the BDEDMT and BDCDMT112. It’s small, and lightweight makes it easy to handle and gives you the comfort for a lengthier job get it done right in time. It ensures great performance for plywood, paneling, and fence boards you don’t have to worry about getting your hand fatigues. This product has been built finely to make it work properly with all kinds of basic power tools to meet your job specification.

What We Like –

  • Easy to handle: lightweight and compact design ensures comfort and control
  • Attachable: can be used with most of the tools of Black & Decker including the BDEDMT and BDCDMT112.
  • Spindle lock: makes it for single-wrench bit changes.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Slower: bit difficult to work on larger projects.


Picking the right circular saw for you can be tricky. I was confused too when I attempted to buy mine, as there are so many options one can get in the market in terms of material, quality, brands, etc. You will only be satisfied with this power tool when it will fulfill your requirements. You can search for your own or go through the best rated circular saw reviews for better comparison.

Choosing the right model of this power tool will quicken your tasks with safety and precision. So before buying one, it is better that you go through these following

  • Brand:

When it comes to a power tool, it is necessary that it is safe and durable, maintains quality fulfilling your requirements too. For saving some bucks if you choose non-brand, cheap power tools, you might get hurt too. If you want both quality and safety at the same time, you need to do some research to pick the right brand product that matches your specification.

  • Blade size:

When it comes to a circular saw, it is essential that you see full details of the product. The blade size is very important for this power tool. Without the right sized blade, you won’t be able to make accurate cuts and finishing. Circular saws are available in different blade sizes for different cuts which mostly depends on the model. The size of the blade and it cuts depends largely on the power of the motor. If you don’t need it for cutting hard stuff, you can go with the 7/14 inch blade that works fine in most of the materials.

  • Blade material:

Blade is an important part of circular saws. So you need to be careful about every detail of the blade before buying this tool. If the blade material is not right, you won’t get proper cuts and get the right result. Most of the companies use high steel as these stay durable and sharp for a long time. It also gives a fine finishing even in high temperature ensure proper cuts at proper length and depth. But if you want accurate, sharp cutting for the long term, you can choose the carbide tipped blades. Its carbide tips on the teeth keep it sharper than any other blade material.

  • Power:

How much power do you need your circular saw to have depends solely on what kind of cutting you require and the material of it. In the corded saws, power is measured by amps and volts is used in the battery operated ones. You can go with the brush-less motors as well as brushed units. Each of the kind has its own benefits providing improved results in precise and accurate cuts.

  • Safety Interlock:

Some manufacturers try to improve ease of use by not providing a second power switch. Once you pull the trigger, the blade spins thousands of times per minute immediately. Such mechanism is quick at its best, but not considered safe. A safety interlock provides an additional switch or power button to prevent accidental starts anytime you touch the trigger. When sharp blades are involved in your job, better safety should be the main priority.

  • Carbide-tipped Blade:

No matter how sophisticated the mechanism or how powerful the motor is, it is always the blade that does the cutting. Blades are commonly made of steel, but each type has different specifications. A plain steel blade is the least expensive type and commonly used for cutting soft materials. The main problem is that steel blade gets dull quickly, so you may need to purchase replacement quite often. An upgrade of steel blade is the harder high-speed steel blade.

  • Easy Blade Changing:

Any blade gets dull eventually, and you need to replace it. Moreover, you may need to use a different type of blade for cutting a different type of material. Sometimes, the best circular saw is not the most powerful, but the most versatile one that allows you to replace the blade easily and quickly. A spindle lock allows you to prevent the blade from turning, so you can replace it easily. Some models even allow you to replace the blade without using any additional tool. Outdated models require you to loosen some bolts with a wrench before making replacement.

  • Blade Capacity:

Blade capacity is the maximum depth of cut you can make. It depends on some features such as blade diameter and bevel capacity. As a general rule, a larger blade makes deeper cuts but difficult to control. On the other hand, small blade diameter is easy to use, but it can only make shallow cuts through the material.

  • Electric Brake

Electric brake is not actually a brake that you can operate by pulling a lever. This technology reverses the flows of electricity when you release the trigger. It can almost instantly stop the blade rotation (usually within a few seconds).

  • Laser Guide

Some top rated circular saws both corded and cordless are equipped a laser guide with the guide rail. The laser basically makes a line on the cutting material indicating which part of the material passed through by the blade. If you are working on a bright working site, the laser guide may only be marginally useful. The laser only draws a line and your blade will not automatically follow it. You still have to make sure that your hand is steady to make a perfectly straight cut.

  • Val locks

Make sure yours saw has a lock. A tree is usually locked by pressing the button, which holds the sword, also has a slight change of edge. If you saw a professional performance, it should function. In cheaper models generally have not.

  • Weight:

Weight of any tools is very much crucial as it helps to maintain the balance of cutting accurately as well as making it easier to do the task. If your saw is not heavy enough, it won’t make cuts right, especially on heavy and tuff materials. Again if you require to do a lot of cutting a heavyweight saw will make it difficult for you to keep pushing.

  • Ease of use:

If the operation of the tool is too complicated, it becomes painful working with this. That is why it is essential that you get the right one to get your job done at ease. While working with a circular saw, it is necessary that the changing of the blades are easy enough. Your saw should be handy enough to balance the tool properly while working making the cuts in the right way and length.

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best circular saw reviews 2019

Types of Circular Saw

Circular saw is one of the most commonly used power tools in most construction sites both by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Many types are available, and each has its own specific features and functions. To make sure you get the best circular saw for your needs, please pay attention to the following features before purchasing –

The first circular saw was manufactured in 1924, and there was only worm-drive style back then. Nowadays, there are 2 more styles available including sidewinder and trim. An overview of each style is briefly outlined below –

  • Trim Saws

Trims saws are not commonly used by professionals, since this type of circular saw is designed specifically for small tasks. Trims saws are best used for cutting thin materials. They are very light thus very easy to handle and control. In most cases, trim saws are used for carpentry projects. Due to limitations in power and size, trims saws can be considered the lighter versions of regular circular saw.

  • Worm-drive Saws

As mentioned earlier, the first circular saw manufactured in 1924 was worm-drive style. The drive system inside the power tool is shaped similar to a spiral. The motor of a worm-drive circular saw is located behind the blade. Thanks to its shape, worm-drive saw makes plunge cuts easier to make. This style is in fact the most powerful style available. Worm-drive style is the most ideal for large projects such as for cutting wide and large stacks of lumber. It is used commonly by professionals.

  • Sidewinder Saws

Sidewinder was developed a little after worm-drive style. There were only these two types available until finally another type of gear-driven saw was invented 60 years later. The new type was no longer driven by spiral-shaped gear, but hypoid gear. The main difference between worm-drive and sidewinder is the motor placement. If worm-drive has its motor installed behind the blade, sidewinder’s motor is either on the left or right side of the blade. If you are a left-handed person, it will be easier for you to use a sidewinder saw with its motor located on the left side of the blade. The motor will not block your view in normal cutting position. For right-handed users, simply choose the reverse.

One of the best things of a sidewinder is that user’s hand is always at a safe distance from the blade. Sidewinder is the medium class, meaning it is lighter than worm-drive but heavier than trim style. It is used mostly by DIY enthusiasts and it can cut wet lumber, plywood, and concrete easily.

Cordless vs. Corded

You get varieties of option in circular saws. But you have to pick them right according to your specification of the job. You can’t get all the feature in one circular saw. So you have to put a lot of thought before buying one. You cannot get the cordless feature and corded one in a single saw. If you go through circular saw reviews, you get to know about different features in details.

Cordless models and corded ones have unique specifications. You can get yourself the highest rated circular saw, but one thing you shouldn’t forget that if you are not comfortable with operating it, you won’t get your desired result.

Cordless saws are extremely helpful for the situations where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet nearby, or where it is not possible to work with an extension cord, choosing a cordless model will relief you from all the hassle. And if your cutting requires frequent moving, it is easier when you don’t have to move with your saw and cords altogether constantly.

As I’ve already said, your specification of the task depends mostly on what kind of saw will be suitable for you. If you want to work on tough materials needing deep cut, you should go for the corded ones. Corded models come with the best power quality and durability compared to cordless ones. Cordless saws work on batteries, so you have to change the batteries at after certain periods to keep it usable for a longer period. Moreover, replacement of batteries and other tools can be quite expensive depending on the brands and quality.

Corded saw come with powerful motors giving you the flexibility of making accurate cuts in proper length and depth. But corded ones are bit heavy as everything is already built in it. On the other hand, to keep it handy and enhance the portability, the cordless saw comes with additional battery and tools that you can attach later according to your requirements.

For some people, it becomes quite hectic to work with corded models as you require electric supply all the time and you have to move with the extended cords if it requires. So you have to choose places according to that. But if you choose a cordless model, you can work continuously with a fully charged battery and also extra ones without any interruption. Moreover, because of its super portability feature, it does not put a lot of pressure on your hands.

If you need less powerful cutting, it is better to go with a cordless model because it is safer and more comfortable than corded ones. There does not remain many possibilities of tripping on the cord, or any interruption in work because of insufficient supply of electricity.

Each of the saw has its advantages and limitations. If you want more power, durability, deep cuts, you should choose a corded saw that will work fine for the long term. But if you want a handy one, working comfortably in household applications, you can go for the cordless ones. You can have the best professional circular saw experience if you can comfortably operate your power tool.

Circular Saw Blade

You can press the top of the line of circular saws, but without a good sword is not too much. The sword for the good work you are doing is essential for a clean cut and cutting safety. According to the material you cut, and the results you want, you have the choice of a circular saw blade is.

  • Masonry Blade

A masonry blade is smooth, without teeth. This is because they are not grinding away, then cut. Using a masonry blade, you should always wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust and hazardous substances. Masonry are ideal for scoring sheets or carved stone in your hand.

  • Plated Blade

Ideal for trimming cabinet against gold or covered with a thin layer of veneer, plywood against Messer, eat wood chewing and then in general use, such as a sword. A knife-plated at a much more teeth than other types of flyers, often more than 70 teeth. It makes a clean cut-out chip.

  • Chisel Tooth Blades

This type of knife, in general, with a nadir in the middle saw. They often have teeth, cut steel very well, as clear, but boring. They are rare, professionals and their cut.

  • Trim-Blades

First, for the treatment of cuts, a fitness blade has 40 to 60 teeth, each corresponding to a premium of hard metal tip. A fitness function knife slowly cut universal blade, leaving a smooth edge. They are ideal for horizontal dimensions and construction timber covered.

  • Decking Blades

Used for cutting of Premium decking and other dimensions decking A thin knife has a cutting width with an increase in the shoulder. This is a simple reduction of pressure by the hardest of human trafficking and knots in wood sawing cedar or teak. Most knives decking also a slot radial deformation during cutting and prevents deep saw marks.

  • Renovation Blades

These are mainly intended for demolition. They have fewer teeth, a transformation or decking blade, often 10 or 12 teeth are also very robust with square shoulders and a larger cutting width. It is ideal for sharing and the draft, where nails and other foreign bodies may be available. Since this type of knife is too aggressive, there are many chips. Avoid reform concludes knife type cutting.

  • General Purpose Blade

This knife for most cutting. Almost everyone is a circular blade for general thereof. They are ideal for coastal or horizontal, but they have a number of break-out, should be avoided at the end of these discounts. Multi-sheets in general with 20-tooth carbide cutting advice and, if clear.

Cut with a circular saw is one of the main methods of RIP and Cross-cut wood and plywood. However, there is always the danger of a “kick-back. Set the depth of the blade, it’s only a little lower, then the thickness of the reserve. This reduces the risk of Kick-back and other injuries.

Blade-left vs. Blade-right

If you are searching for the best circular saw on the market, then my answer for you would be that you are wasting your time. Purchasing the best-rated circular saw in the market will go in vain if it does not match with your specification. The most adventuring part about choosing a circular saw is that you have to know what kind of feature you will require.

The blade is one of the crucial element of this power tool. If you are confused about its side that whether you should go for blade-left or the right, the easiest answer is which hand of yours is dominant. The side of the blade helps to expose the side of the circular saw that you would be seeing while working and the other side of the blade will be hidden behind the motor. Choosing a blade-left circular saw will make your work easier if you are the right-handed cause then you will be able to see the blade while cutting though there’s always a guide on the show where you will be able to see the blade while moving saw but its side of the blade makes it a lot easier. But if you are not careful and don’t follow the instructed procedure and keep safety gear, it can also increase the risk of injury as the ejected sideways might hit you.

If you are left handed, you will have to follow the reverse theory means choosing the blade-right.

Another discomforting part of choosing blade-right saw is that the blade will be pointed in the opposite direction. So if you have to be extra careful in balancing the device while cutting and be attentive otherwise most of it will waste the edge.

Which blade you will choose will depend mostly on your comfortability.  If you haven’t used any circular saw before, it is better to choose one with your personal preference with the configuration you require.

Can you sharpen circular saw blades?

After frequent uses for a longer period, the blade of the circular saw sometimes tends to lose its sharpness. You don’t get precise cuts then. If the material of the blades is low-grade steel, you can sharpen them on your own with files. But nowadays most of top rated the circular saw blades are carbide tipped, so you have to take it to experts or professional to sharpen the teeth right.

If you try to sharpen your carbide tipped blades by hand, you might round off the edges, which will totally ruin the carbide tipped which will no longer be useful in precise and deep cuts.

Safety tips

No matter if you are a pro or beginner it is essential that you use proper safety tools and follow safety tips. Otherwise, you might end up having a serious cut or injury. Here, I’ve pointed down some safety tips that will help you to get precise and deep cutting according to your requirement avoiding accidents or injuries.

  • Circular saws tend to spread sawdust and wood splinters flying off in all the direction while cutting. You should always wear eye protection to avoid any kind of eye injuries. Go for the ones that comes with dust blowers.
  • You should always be careful while operating that your nothing sticks in the rotating blade. Avoid wearing loose clothes, keeping long hair hanging down toward the saw.
  • It is better to stand to one side of the saw than standing directly behind the saw while operating. Otherwise, the items kicked back of the saw might hit you bad.
  • Using the sharp blade will make the cutting easier and quicker.
  • While changing the blades, make sure you have unplugged your electric saw or removed the battery.
  • Don’t operate the saw with just one hand. Make sure you use two hands properly following the instructions.
  • After the purchase, always go through the manuals and instruction properly.
  • Don’t alter the power saw anyway. It is better to follow the instruction of the manufacturers.
  • After finishing the task, make sure the blade has completely stopped. Don’t release your hand while the blade is rotating. Otherwise, it might fly off your hands, and you can hurt someone else badly as well as yourself.

What Cuts Can Circular Saws Make?

Circular saws are one of the most versatile power tools that you will need for precise and accurate cuts on different materials in depth. Two basic and main cuts you can make with a circular saw are cross cuts and rip cuts.

You also get to make additional cuts with some additional settings and tools. You can make plunge cuts; bevel cuts adjusting your bevel settings of the device. You can make curved cuts in angles if the curve of the saw is not too tight. If you want to go a bit farther, you can also make miter cuts with the best circular saw for woodworking.

Circular saw is one of the must having saws if you want to make different cuts precisely with a single device.

Can I Use a Circular Saw Instead of a Miter Saw or Table Saw

A circular saw is called one of the most versatile saws because with it you cut in different angle and lengths, the way table saw, and miter saw cuts. In this part, I’m going to shortly brief about how these saws work.

Where you can operate the circular saw with your hand, powered with electricity or battery. It’s built with a circular blade that allows precise cuts in different length, depth, and angle. But you have to skilled enough to operate it properly, because you have to handle this power tool the whole time while operating.

In a table saw a circular blade is fitted in a bench which is driven by an electric motor which helps longer cuts with precision according to the angle of the blades.

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But a miter saw is basically used for cross-cuts. You can’t make long rip-cuts with the miter saw. It is mostly used in framing and cutting the moldings.

Learn more about – Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw

A circular saw is suited for doing the versatile cuttings in terms of different angles and depth. It is lightweight and portable, so you don’t have to worry about the larger space to place it in your operation area as the table saw. With it, you can do rip cuts in different materials with precision, if you learn how to use it properly.

Again, with a circular saw, you can also do basic miter cuts if you are persistent. You won’t get the same result with it as you will get with a miter saw. But if you are doing basic rip cuts and cross cuts circular saw can manage it well.

Final Verdict

With all the details up there, you have already known almost everything that you need to know about circular saws. Considering all the variables, power, capacity, ability, features, safety measures and the reviews it should be easier for you to pick the one matches with your requirements and specification. Makita, Rockwell, Dewalt, Ryobi, Bosch, Ridgid, Skillsaw, Hitachi have different models of circular saws that makes you the perfect family handyman for carrying out DIY projects and professional ones successfully.

I hope this article helps you to decide the right model for you to get started with your work.

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  1. I found there are different kinds of circular saw in the market. I don’t have to work for heavy project, and I’m not a pro user. Do you think I can use masonry blade for my simple task?

  2. Many people use a different circular saw (cordless, corded). I personally love to work with cordless tools, since they are lightweight and convenient eliminating the need for outlets. I think for any commercial jobs and backyard plans, no toolbox should be without this cordless giant.

  3. There is no doubt, the circular saw is the best versatile and useful tool for any DIY workers. For new woodworkers, it is difficult to choose the right tools and the blades as well. You made my job easy, thanks for this amazing post.

  4. I found today many pro woodworkers suggest using the cordless tools. The cordless tools are quite easy to use and comfortable to control. What do you think about the difference between a cordless and corded tool? As a new woodworker, what tools should I buy?

  5. I just checked some circular saw’s price. There are different tools with different features in the variety of price range. I am willing to spend $150 since I just need to do some basic work. Can you suggest me the best one at this price?

  6. Hey Burgess,

    In my top pick all the products are below $150. Even few are below $100. Just choose the one based on your requirement. Hope my review will help.

    Thanks a lot.

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    It varies based on few facts. You can read more details about the differences between corded and cordless from here.

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