Are Compression Fittings Safe for Brake Lines?

The brake system, as we all know it, functions to stop the vehicle by applying pressure on the wheels. This is one of the safety features of a car, and when not managed properly, accidents can happen. Few people know exactly how the system works, but many people are also knowledgeable about especially those who are car enthusiasts. If you are a car mechanic, you probably know how it works since you will deal with it almost all the time. There are essential things about a brake system you should know such as the issue about compression fittings.

There have been a lot of controversies regarding the use of compression fittings for brake lines. Some people argue that they are safe for use since they have already tried and tested them. Experts claim there are certain dangers in using these fittings. Searching for it on the internet, you will surely find mixed reviews about them.

Some people use compression fittings because they do not have the budget to replace their brake lines. Since these fittings can serve as a temporary replacement, many people find it convenient to buy these things, not knowing how it works and whether they are safe. The primary function of these fittings is to connect two pieces of brake line. It may seem like an easy job, but they play a crucial role in how the entire engine or brake system works.

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Based on reviews and careful research, we also recommend that you do not use compression fittings for brake lines because they are not safe. Here are the reasons:

  • At high temperatures, these compression fittings can leak. We all know what a leak can do to our car. When there are leaks, the chemicals or substances that go through these pipes can destroy other parts of the brake system. It exposes automotive parts to high temperatures, so these compression fittings must be able to handle this. It loses the purpose of using the joints once there is a leak.
  • Connections are unstable when you use compression fittings. This has been seen in a lot of cases already. The compression fittings you use do not provide the solid connections that the pipes need to function correctly. When you are dealing with car parts, there is no room for instability, and find something that would hold the pieces together well. Sadly, these fittings do not serve the purpose it intends them to perform.
  • For your information, compression fittings are not legal in many states in the United States. This is because of the substandard quality that has been examined by experts who studied the structure and components of the fittings carefully. If you want to avoid the hassle of going through searches, suits, and investigations in other states, then you should avoid these compression fittings.
  • Compression fittings are also very prone to failure. The failure of this braking system can be obvious and dangerous. The materials that are used for these tools largely determine the functionality of the machines.


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When brake line compression fittings are used, you will see in just a few years that the lines will suffer from the breakdown. Some signs of damage include leaks, cracks, rust, and other forms of stress. If you are planning to use compression fittings, it is your responsibility to check them occasionally to know whether it already needs maintenance repair. Also, another possibility is that you would have to replace the lines which can be very stressful and expensive. It is necessary not to take these issues for granted because they determine the safety of you and your vehicle.

Compression fittings may be used temporarily if there is an emergency. However, in the long run, you realize that they are not ideal for permanent repair because you would always have to check them occasionally. You had better find something that is more durable and could join two pipes properly in their place for a long time.

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