Best Cordless Air framing Nailer

Best Cordless Air framing Nailer 2
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A cordless air framing nailer is the potent work horse of the nail gun family. If heavy construction is your preference, this tool has the power to handle serious density at lightning pace without requiring a lot of muscle action from you.

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Here are the top ten advantages:

  • Fast Set Up – Unlike pneumatic guns that can take a long time to get running, cordless nailers are designed for people who just want to get to work. Setting up your nailer takes just minutes, whether it is right out of the box the first day you get it or at the job site when you have had it for years. For people who make a living in the building trades, this means the difference between finishing a job today and having to come back tomorrow.
  • Space Saving – Rather than having to store and transport a compressor, power lead, and heavy hoses, you can get to work with nothing more than the nail guns itself. Not only is this a major relief in terms of storage space, it’s a load off your back!
  • Cordless – Unlike other nailers that operate with air hoses, nail guns have no cords. That means you can work anywhere without having to drag air hoses around the job site or route them over other objects. It also means you have the power of a nail gun anywhere, instead of having to rely on hammers for tight spaces where hoses won’t go.
  • Cheaper to Get Started – If you do not already have a compressor and hoses, purchasing a nailer may be far more expensive than you think. Unlike air powered nailers, nail guns don’t require you to purchase anything but nails to get started.
  • Low Gun Slip – The nail gun is perfect for toe-nailing and nailing hip rafters due to the pointed tip that minimizes gun-slip.
  • Hanging On – The nail gun comes with a belt/rafter hook feature that frees up your hands when you are working. This means you never have to lay your gun down and risk tripping over it or dropping it from the rafters.
  • Low Maintenance – All it takes to keep your nailer in tip-top shape is some basic maintenance. Spend ten minutes at the end of the day to keep it clean and oiled, and you should have no problem driving more than a million nails.
  • Easy to Handle – The nail guns have a rubberized grip that will help prevent your hands from slipping even during hot, sweaty work days.
  • Long Power-up – A single power-up will drive as many as 4000 nails, so you can work all day without slowing down.
  • Strength – The nailers have the strength you need to drive through even hardwood.

This page has been put together to give you some great tips and tricks to get the best out of your nail guns.

  • A no-mar tip for your trim nailer will prevent damage to trim work surfaces.
  • Trade in your old batteries for some cash back and help the environment.
  • Put your flat battery in the freezer to reset the memory. May be an old wives tale. Never tested it myself, but worth a try.
  • Buy a second charger if you are running multiple guns on a site. You can switch batteries that are always fully charged.
  • Take nails, fuel and power out when maintaining you gun.
  • Check fuel cell expiry date before purchasing, obviously the further out the better.
  • Service your gun regularly to get the best out of your nail gun.
  • Buy your Nails, fuel cells and parts etc. online beforehand if you are going on a working trip to somewhere unfamiliar. I have been caught going to areas where hardware store do not stock necessary products. Never get caught without the supplies you need.
  • Never leave gas inside the gun it does leak and you will waste it.
  • Remove the battery when finishing for the day. It will be flat the next day otherwise.
  • If your gun is not working even after a good cleaning, go to a reputable repair shop.
  • Do not buy second-hand nail guns. Who knows what has been done to them.

Hundreds and hundreds of people are severely injured because of misfires, ricochet nails and mis-use. In my time I have seen some particularly nasty nail gun injuries. Knowing the dangers will keep you safe and injury free.

  • Focus on the job at hand, avoid conversations and any distractions.
  • Before you use your gun, read the instruction manual thoroughly.
  • Familiarize yourself with your nail gun.
  • Keep your free hand away from the gun when firing. Hold you nail gun firmly and properly.
  • Wear Safety Glasses at all times. I have seen nails ricochet of knots and metal nail plates. Trust me on that one.
  • Never carry a nail gun against your body – Accidental firing does happen.
  • Make sure that other people are away from you at all times.
  • Treat nail guns like any firearm, don’t point them at anything you don’t want shot.
  • Never leave nails inside your nail gun when finished or storing it.
  • Never leave the battery, nails and gas inside your gun, if you have kids it is like leaving a loaded gun in the house.
  • Always point your nail gun at the ground when walking or standing around.
  • Always assume that there are nails in the nail gun.
  • Only buy a nail gun that meets required safety standards.
  • Before firing your nail gun at any surface, make sure that it is free electrical cables and piping.

If you have any tips that I have not listed here drop me a line below and I will add it.

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Best air framing nailer

When you’ve concluded that best cordless air framing nailer is the optimum tool for the task, the decision making process is far from complete. In fact, it opens up an entirely new set of questions that demand answering.

  • Are you a daring featherweight or a careful muscle man?

An air framing nailer can be a health hazard in unsteady hands, particularly when it feels unbalanced in the hands. Recoil is a factor that needs to be minimized for ultimate safety. Sudden, uncontrolled movements are not a desirable feature in a power tool that is able to cause damage equal to that of a handgun. A weightier power tool will have a less dramatic recoil, but balancing weight and safety is not as simple as choosing a heavier option. Constant recoil will exhaust you, as will operating a heavy object for extended periods of time. This necessitates a choice between safety and ease of use, bearing in mind the gym hours you could cut from your schedule with all that arduous lifting.

  • Quick and inaccurate, or slow and precise?

There are two types of triggers for a framing nailer. A bump trigger operates at a furious pace, and only needs to be triggered once. Its downside is that it lacks accuracy, a factor that single fire triggers offer abundantly. Single triggers are unparalleled in terms of safety, and are thus the definitive choice for beginners.

  • Costly perfection or affordable limitation?

a) Flawlessness costs money, so maximum power, flexibility and comfort might not be a realistic financial option. The most flexible cordless air framing nailer can adapt to a vast range of nail types, if you’re willing to pay the price. If budget is a primary concern, narrow down the sizes and types of nails you need your tool to accommodate.

b) The tediousness of the adjustments required between different tasks will be in direct proportion to the price. Switching to a denser wood sometimes needs to be done with an Allen wrench, which is why professional framers prefer brands that can be fine-tuned without the need for tools.

  • Choose your power

The chief benefit of an air framing nailer is that it removes the need to use your own muscle. This asset will become a severe limitation if you choose your power poorly. The air pressure and volume of the compressor is rated as pounds per square inch and cubic feet per minute. The framing nailer you choose must match these criteria exactly, or malfunction will be inevitable. Larger pistons will add additional power.

The most potent air framing nailers can flush-nail into dense wall assemblies. Average brands achieve the same task at a slower pace. Those with suboptimal power will need to be fully air charged before they begin a fresh cycle with dense lumbar. Nailers that are at the bottom wrung of the power-ladder are likely to leave nails protruding from dense materials.

The best air framing nailer comes with a host of handy additional features such as easy jam clearing and the capacity to adjust nail size. Both these aspects will benefit all carpenters. Other features cater for more exclusive needs. Air hoses, protective guards and swiveling heads are advantageous to only certain woodworkers. Our air framing nailer post will help you to puzzle together the ideal power tool for your requirements.

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6 thoughts on “Best Cordless Air framing Nailer”

  1. I found that, most of the power tools manufactures today have created a cordless version of their nail guns, it is simply great. I was looking for some advice and helpful tips, since I need to buy a new one. I love you discussed about the details of the tools. Thanks, it helps me.

  2. Most of the people now suggest to buy the cordless tools and there are nailers available for different kinds of work. I have to renovate my hardwood flooring and I decided to do this on my own. I read your guide but still can’t decide which one I should buy. What do you think about Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer?

  3. I just checked these features. I found that they are so comfortable to use even when someone wants to work for a long time. I want to thank you for your guide and review, especially for your safety tips. Hope it is going to help me

  4. When using these framing nailers safety is first. I have seen cases in where nails are angled too much and bust through the side of, especially framework. During working, anyone has to check there’s nobody is standing in the line of fire.

    I love your guide and safety tips. Hope it will work for a new worker.

  5. Most of the tools seem comfortable to use for the first time. As a newer, we just need to have the idea and have to read the instruction from a pro user. I appreciate your excellent guides and tips about the cordless air framing nailer.

  6. Paslode 905600 is a good one. One of the top seller in the air nailer category now. Its lightweight and easy to work. You can go for it. But remember you need hearing protection. As you are working for hardwood flooring so you have to work inside the house mostly. Its little bit louder.

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