Best Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Best Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Cordless chainsaw mainly used to cut trees and wood easily with a power source or gasoline tank.

Cordless chainsaws are significantly lighter and quieter in operation than other motorized chainsaws.

Not all models come with battery and charger. If you already own similar products of the manufacturer, you can use the batteries of other garden tools for the chainsaw.

Chainsaws are not only used in horror films; they are used to cut down trees and work on larger pieces of wood where a simple hand saw is no longer sufficient. The chainsaw is used explicitly for woodworking but is also an essential and accessible tool for artisans where the masculinity of the participants is put to the test.

Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Factors to Consider Before Buying Cordless Chainsaw

Friends who would like to have a handy device for tree care or gardening, are in the right place for a best cordless chainsaw. A gasoline chainsaw cannot replace a cordless chainsaw – but it lacks in battery-powered devices specifically power and speed. In our cordless chainsaw review 2018, we clarify what is essential if you want to buy a cordless chainsaw and which chainsaw is best for which purpose.

These criteria may include:

  • Volts and amps: The standard for cordless saws is a lithium-ion battery as the battery technology used. The battery capacity and the voltage are crucial for the performance of a cordless chainsaw. A chainsaw battery usually has a battery capacity of 2 to 4 Ah (= ampere-hours). The larger the battery, the more ampere-hours the battery can store, the longer the battery life will be. Several cordless chainsaw reviews have shown that in continuous operation, a chainsaw can last around 1.5 hours and creates between 100 and 150 cuts, depending on the type of wood and its use.
  • Charging: The charging usually takes 1 to 2 hours; finally, once a lunch break must be made. If the cordless chainsaw is not used, it will only discharge very slowly. If you need the chainsaw now and then, you rarely have to recharge. The manufacturers offer for the more extended use of the chainsaw accessories, such as replacement batteries or new chains.
  • Voltage: The voltage tells us something about the performance of the machine, much like the wattage of electronic garden tools. The models from most cordless chainsaw review have a power of 18 or 36 volts, less often there are cordless tools with a power of 40 volts. For smaller tree work, an 18 V cordless chainsaw is entirely sufficient. For the vast amount of work, you should need a cordless chainsaw which has 36 volts.
  • Sword length and cutting thickness: To shred more massive tree trunks, a model with a longer saw should be chosen. For all smaller woodwork on branches, firewood, and boards, for which the cordless chainsaw is intended, shorter swords are available. Between 25 and 35 cm, sword length is the standard. The cutting thickness is about 5 cm smaller: a chainsaw with 25 cm sword you can quickly cut logs up to 20 cm in diameter.
  • Chain speed: The faster the chain turns, the quicker the saw cuts the wood. The speed is given in meters per second (m / s). Here are the most significant differences between the models of our cordless chainsaw comparison. Working with the fastest possible chain is much easier and faster. At 8 to 12 m / s, the chainsaw cuts through thick branches and thin tree trunks like butter.
  • Handling: Handling the tools while working is the most significant factor in woodworking. Handle with padding or rubber reinforcement would come handy for perfect handling. The device is not only better in hand, but has vibration protection that can prevent circulatory disorders in the hands and joint problems.
  • Weight: The weight of the cordless chainsaw should be comfortable to handle. Of course, heavy equipment requires more effort from the user. Compared to devices in the professional category, such as gasoline chainsaws, the cordless garden tools are lightweight, but in the long term, the weight of the cordless chainsaw can be exhausting. Of course, short sword machines are lighter, and the size of the battery plays a role in the arms. For a comfortable sawing, a maximum of 5 to 6 kg are recommended.

Top Four Cordless Chainsaw

The following are four of the best cordless chainsaw.  The chainsaws all have a variety of prices, as well as pros and cons for each.

Worx 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

What we like:

  • Light-weight.
  • A lot of power.
  • Hostile chain.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Chain tensioning system works well.
  • Silent (compared with gas).
  • Much cleaner, quieter as well as less of a hassle compared to gas.

What we did not like:

  • A cable can make points even more challenging.
  • When making tight cuts on that side, the extra-large chain adjuster handle will certainly loosen up by rolling itself against the wood.
  • Usages method to much bar oil IMO. I obtain that the even more lubrication the better however a little oil goes a long way. (old profession remedy: use thicker oil).
  • As a result of the no kick pointer, it additionally will not cut well at the tip. A good thing for safety. When you need the pointer for sculpting a tight area, not so good. (yet this does not apply to the ordinary individual so needs to be unimportant.).

The WG303 model by the WORX brand name has a stable construction and also style that makes the product suitable for small-medium jobs around the garden or the home. Most of the brand’s items utilize advanced technology to make jobs much easier and also permit users to complete them in a quicker fashion. This model is a sturdy, lightweight item that is helpful to have around, especially if you often tend a yard.

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

What we like:

  • Easy beginning procedure.
  • Amazing cutting efficiency.
  • Peaceful procedure.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Fairly light and simple to deal with.
  • Excellent power for a battery operated saw.
  • No cord to fret about just like corded saws.

What we did not like:

  • When in storage, oil leakage.
  • Care needed to make certain correct chain tension maintained in all times.

When it involves performance and handling, the 20312 G-Max performs quite extremely. When the supplier of a battery powered chainsaw claims to have made the ideal replacement for a gas powered saw you need to stay up as well as take notice. The Greenworks 20312 G-Max 40v 16-inch cordless chainsaw just happens to be that product.

In this review we’ll take a look at the credibility of the supplier’s case. Offering world power, excellent performance as well as simplicity of handling this saw is packed with several of the most as much as day technology and is full of surprises.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 12-Inch 40-volt Cordless Chainsaw

What we like:

  • Peaceful procedure, thanks to the battery powered electric motor.
  • Hot convertible battery pack for longer job sessions.
  • Practically maintenance free.
  • Easy blade change with a huge stress insurer as well as locking device.
  • Excellent efficiency for a cordless power saw.
  • Low cost point makes it much more accessible compared to a gas saw.

What we did not like:

  • Exceedingly lengthy battery recharge time.
  • Battery will quickly diminish when reducing huge or difficult product.
  • No carry bag.
  • Can not be changed with a various bar overview.

Based on ratings alone, the Black & Decker LCS1240 40v Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw is worth consideration. The LCS1240 has been specially designed for trimming branches and also cutting fallen limbs. Like this, the maker states that it is suitable for reducing logs up to 12″ in size.

Generated by this world leading power device brand name as well as coming in at well under $200, this powerful little saw has obtained a lot of plus factors.

DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw

What we like:

  • Its a lightweight chainsaw.
  • It comes with amazing cash back offer and guarantee.
  • This chainsaw’s capability of collaborating with a 20V battery as well as a 60V battery make this power saw very versatile.
  • The brush less electric motor makes certain that this tool last longer for you.

What we did not like:

  • For this chainsaw you need to get the battery and the battery charger, all separately.
  • This chainsaw does not come with oil. That will certainly need to be bought individually as well.

The DCCS620B model is a Dewalt 20V cordless chainsaw has no battery. This option is optimal when you already have a number of various other 20V Dewalt devices that have batteries since the batteries are interchangeable. When you want higher amperage than the one that comes with the DCCS620P1 design choice, or the Dewalt DCCS620B option is likewise ideal.

The Dewalt DCCS620P1 20V Max 5Ah Lithium Ion Battery features a ranking of 5.0 AH as well as sometimes you want greater score like 9.0 AH. A higher amperage rating suggests the battery chainsaw could run longer.

best rated cordless chainsaw

What is cordless Chainsaw?

A cordless chainsaw is versatile in the garden and the forest. With it, you can cut down trees, do some delimbing work, prepare firewood, cut shrubs and do much other sewing work. Best cordless chainsaw reviews show just how influential these powerhouses are and help find the right model for your job.

Thanks to the advantages of a cordless chainsaw, gardening, and forestry work can be done in a way that saves energy, comparatively quietly and without the smell of gasoline. The battery also provides the unexpected flexibility. Besides, the maintenance is significantly lower than in a gasoline-powered chainsaw. A model from our cordless chainsaw comparison helps every gardener and woodland owner cut saws with the chainsaw, doing work as comfortable and easy as possible.

The models from our cordless chainsaw comparison set above all the highest comfort with smaller woodworking. With ergonomic handles and a lightweight layman and beginners can complete the first steps with a chainsaw. The oiling of the chain usually happens automatically – you have to refill the chainsaw oil regularly.

However, cordless chainsaws are more like the little siblings of the much stronger electric chainsaws. This is especially noticeable in the chain speed, the sword length, and the average thickness. Only thin or young trees can be felled, which is why they can also be referred to as cordless pruning saws. However, it is only possible to work on the ground – a pruner is recommended for cutting branches off the tree. Therefore, the cordless power saw is hardly used in the professional field, except for pruning branches or for processing firewood.

Types of cordless Chainsaw

You are still not sure if a cordless chainsaw is right for you? Or you are still not sure what features and characteristics your cordless chainsaw should have to fit perfectly with your needs? Then you need to know how many types of chainsaw available in the market.

  • Electric Chainsaw:

If you have a larger garden or work at home with large rustic pieces of wood, the electric chainsaw is a perfect companion. This type of chainsaw is light, handy and not too loud in operation. The chain speed of electric chainsaws is 10 – 14 m / s. For regular gardening, an electric chainsaw is ideal, provided there is a power source nearby. With a cable drum, the range of action and the flexibility of the electric chainsaw can be increased.

  • Gasoline Chain Saw

In the professional field as well as forestry work mainly gasoline chainsaws are used. These saws have tremendous power and run with a powerful motor. These are 2-stroke engines where the fuel itself has to be mixed: petrol and oil are either in the ratio 50: 1 or 25: 1. The blade of the gasoline chainsaw is usually longer (40 – 50 cm) and can fell and crush big trees. However, the machines are very loud and heavy in operation.

Save $32.95

  • Cordless chainsaw

Compared to the electric and gasoline chainsaws, the cordless chainsaw is preferably intended for smaller gardening and forestry work. Due to its independence from the current and its manageability, the cordless chainsaw can penetrate into the furthest corners of the garden or forest. Since the engine power hardly enough for extensive woodwork, when the chainsaw is battery-powered, the sword usually has only a length between 20 and 35 cm. The chain speed is often just half the size of a gasoline chainsaw.

Care and cleaning tips

Even the best cordless chainsaw does not help if it is not regularly maintained and cleaned. The cordless chainsaw care should be an integral part after each use. Immediately after work, it is essential to rid the chainsaws of coarse chips and flakes. Resin residues, soiling, and oil residues are best removed with a soft cloth. The sword is ideally cleaned with a brush. Also, you should check the chain too. If the chain sags, it must be retightened. For details on changing the chain, refer to the operating instructions of the manufacturer.

Cleaning, care, and maintenance of cordless chainsaw

To be able to work with a cordless chainsaw for a long time, it must be maintained and clean at regular intervals. Compared to a chainsaw with the two-stroke engine, however, the maintenance effort is limited. In a gasoline chainsaw, the engine takes up a good deal of maintenance. The electric motor of cordless chainsaws, however, runs mostly maintenance-free. But without any support or care, a cordless power saw does not work out. This guide is intended to show what should be considered to clean and maintain the cordless chainsaw.

What maintenance work is involved with cordless chainsaws?

As with any tool, an important aspect is the inspection and cleaning of the equipment immediately after the job is completed. The cordless chainsaw is cleaned of dust and dirt with a cloth or a suitable brush and checked for damage. Experts recommend that you check at idle whether essential safety devices such as chain brake and handguard function are correctly fastened. If this is not the case, it is necessary to repair the cordless chainsaw professionally. To avoid serious accidents, cordless chainsaws with faulty safety features should not be used.

Maintenance and care of the chain

The saw chain is heavily stressed and therefore requires specific maintenance. After use, the chain should first be cleaned. To do this, spray with a special cleaner, which frees the chain of resin and other impurities. At least as important is checking the lubrication. The cordless chainsaw is usually equipped with a small oil tank, the level which must be checked before and after each use. However, filling the oil alone is not enough – you should also check whether the oil reaches the saw chain. To test this, there are two methods. In the first method, the cordless chainsaw is started at idle and held down for about a minute with the sword down over a bright surface. The distance should be about 30 centimeters. If the lubrication works, a few drops of oil should be visible on the ground. In the second method, the cordless chainsaw idles for about one minute. After switching off the device, the chain is raised carefully (risk of injury!) A thin film of oil appears on the guide rail of the blade. For lubrication, we should use only special chain oil which is recommended. Regular engine oil clumps and clogs the oil filter and the openings of the channels.

The chain tension must also be checked regularly. It may only be a few millimeters; the chain must not sag. If necessary, it is crucial to re-tighten the saw chain.

Depending on the load, the teeth of the saw chain must be sharpened. Read here how this can be done without much effort. After sawing for a few hours, the sword also needs some care. At the peripheral edges forms a ridge, which can be removed with a flat file. To do this, you mount the sword and clamp it in a vise so that you can work properly. On this occasion, it is advisable to check the sword for damage such as cracks or broken spots and to replace it if necessary.

Preparing for the winter

If cordless chainsaws are not used for a long time, they are thoroughly cleaned before storage and all maintenance work described above is carried out. The oil tank is emptied and washed with benzene so that any clumps are loosened. The cordless chainsaw is stored dry and frost-free.

Safety instructions for cordless chainsaw

A high level of safety needed when handling the powerful chainsaws. The manufacturers are obliged to equip their cordless saw with a chain brake. It stops the saw blade in less than 0.2 seconds and can protect against serious injury. A kickback guard stops the chainsaw in the event of a sudden rash.

So that nothing goes wrong, you should pay attention to the cordless chainsaw safety instructions:

  • The hands always hold the handles so that the thumb encloses the handle. The chainsaw must still be held with both hands!
  • The primary position when sawing must always be chosen so that you cannot be disturbed by a sudden push or pull. Wide legs increase stability.
  • The legs are best laterally and offset lengthwise. The cordless saw is held far from the body. The front foot must not be in front of the front handle.
  • When the chain is running, there must be no one within a radius of 2 meters around the chainsaw guide.
  • Before using, the operating instructions should always be studied, and the safety instructions of the manufacturer must be observed.

For tree felling, vast forest and garden work, the following safety equipment is recommended:

  • During all work in the forest, a safety helmet should be worn. This protects against falling branches and sticks or pieces of wood.
  • A face shield on the helmet or goggles protects the eyes from wood splinters and sawdust.
  • To prevent hearing damage, it recommended using ear protection. Primarily when working with gasoline chainsaws, the hearing should be protected. A battery saver barely compromises your hearing.
  • Especially with small and detailed woodwork, a cut protection pants should be worn. Work gloves made of solid leather are part of the standard equipment with chainsaws.
  • Safe footing and protection against cuts are provided by safety shoes with a grippy sole, leg protection, and steel toe cap.

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When buying a cordless chainsaw, you need to consider a few facts. In our cordless chainsaw guide, many essential features are presented at a glance. This makes the decision for the right tools even easier. Furthermore, you are advised in the year 2018, to keep your eyes open for short-term offers. You might get your desired chainsaw at the affordable price.

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