Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews

Cracking The Best Cordless Impact Wrench Buying Secret

Cordless impact wrenches are used for screwing nuts in and out. Using a pulsed or beaten rotary motion, a significantly higher torque can be generated, and the screws or bolts tightened. 

If you buy a cordless impact wrench, you should pay particular attention to the torque. 

Charging time always plays a significant. With a cheap cordless impact wrench, you have to plan for at least one hour to load.

A cordless impact wrench is a great tool shop worker can use to remove or install difficult fasteners. Cordless impact wrenches greatly reduce the effort a user exerts to remove or install nuts and bolts. Racing fans often see, and hear, high-powered impact wrenches at professional racing events when drivers bring their race cars in for a tire change. It provide the same convenience as their air powered cousins in a portable package. This makes them ideal for use away from power supplies or in places where a tethered impact wrench just does not work.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench

Factors to Consider Before Buying Impact Wrench

Workers use a cordless electric impact wrench for driving and removing fasteners in various materials such as wood, metal and concrete. They are also used for removing and fastening bolts and nuts. Workers across many industries use impact wrenches, and some consumers keep them in their vehicle for roadside emergencies. For workers who rarely come across difficult fasteners, a cheap cordless impact wrench may suffice. But for heavy-duty jobs, users may have to go with a more powerful model. This cordless impact wrench buying facts should help shop workers figure out what specifications to look for and help them find the best one from these reviews and guide.

These criteria may include:

  • Battery Pack: The battery technology should be considered first. In the past, there were nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries. Meanwhile, the lithium-ion batteries with 18 volts have conquered the market. Compared to the nickel-cadmium batteries, the lithium-ion models have no memory effect. The memory effect was first discovered by NASA in the 1960s and describes the formation of large NiCd crystals, which cause the battery’s capacity to decrease unless charging cycles are appropriately maintained. In addition to the battery type, a few words about the battery voltage and capacity should be lost. 18V battery voltage is recommended for impact wrenches. It does not matter if it is a Hazet or Hilti impact wrench. Cordless impact wrench 18V models are significantly more powerful than the 10.8-volt models regarding power and endurance.
  • Idle Speed: If you buy a cordless wrench, you must also pay attention to the idling speed. It indicates how many turns the impact wrench creates per minute. However, this may change depending on the material and screw diameter, so you should only choose a model between 1600 and 1800 rpm. Some models have transmissions with more than one gear. Thus, the speed can be varied after the equipment and adapted to the screwing project.
  • Idle Blows: The idle speed number indicates how many hits the device can make on the screw per minute. The more blows, the higher the likelihood that even solid screws can be loosened. Values ​​of 2000 to 3000 hits are recommended here.
  • Torque: The torque describes the holding force of an engine. The unit of torque is Newton meters (Nm). The higher the value, the tighter screws can be tightened. For simple tasks in the home usually 100 Nm, but a cordless impact wrench for the tire change should have at least 400 Nm.
  • Tool Holder: The tool holder describes how large the external square is which used to hold the socket wrench to include conventional hex head screws and nuts. There are in addition to 1/2 and 1/4 inch variants and 3/8 inch models, which are used only by professionals in workshops. For use in the garden and changing tires on the car, 1/2 or 1/4 inch models should be sufficient. You should choose a suitable model for the socket set.
  • Accessories and weight: The accessories are initially a tool case for stowing. Impact wrench with the suitcase is much easier to stow and transport. There, a cordless wrench takes up nothing against a real impact wrench. If you compare the accessories and features of cordless impact wrenches, you will find that some models have a battery charge gauge and others do not. In our review of the cordless impact wrench, it has been shown that such a feature is helpful if you want to prepare the screwdriver for the next use, but that it is not entirely necessary for working.

Top Five Cordless Impact Wrench

The following are five of the best cordless impact wrench.  The wrenches all have a variety of prices, as well as pros and cons for each.

DEWALT DCF899P1 20V MAX Impact Wrench Kit

What we like:

  • Brushless electric motor for exceptional performance.
  • Durable impact mechanism with max torque 700 ft./ lbs.
  • 3-speed selector button for control.
  • LED work light.
  • Battery fuel gauge.

What we did not like:

  • It’s too large to set on a small spaces.
  • toggle trigger button would certainly have been much better.

Dewalt is one of the leading tool brands. Unlike the various other Dewalt products, this DCF899P1 comes with all the required element like a battery, a charger and a case to bring all. Including brushless electric motor for premium efficiency, DEWALT DCF899P1 is one of the most delicate cordless impact wrenches in the market.

Regarding efficiency, this cordless impact wrench includes excellent features and also materials that you genuinely anticipate from it. It uses a max torque as much as 700 ft.-lbs. And even breakaway torque at 1200 ft./ lbs. which is demanding for various actions. On the second note, 3-speed selectors assist you to choose the degree as well as LED lights to get rid of darkness from the workspace.

Makita XDT111 Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit

What we like:

  • Variable rate (0-2,900 RPM & 0-3,500 IPM) and 1,460 in.lbs. of torque for a wide range of attaching applications.
  • Makita 4-pole motor with 4-brush layout provides 26% more RPM without reducing torque.
  • Compact as well as ergonomic layout at just 5-3/8″ long.
  • Considers just 3.9 lbs. with battery for lowered operator exhaustion.

What we did not like:

  • Battery is not that strong

The Makita XDT111 3.0 Ah 18V Lithium-Ion cordless influence driver is one of the lightest, most small, yet flexible of the influence vehicle driver course of drills.

Makita, cordless 18V Lithium-Ion powered tools, has actually taken care of to integrate compact, easy and quick to utilize with long life, sturdiness, as well as power– a rather unusual combination.

The XDT111 is no different, with many hefty striking features that make this an unbelievably versatile power tools that could get the hardest jobs performed with amazing ease of use.

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 High-Torque Wrench

What we like:

  • Long-term battery allows you invest even more time working and also much less time waiting.
  • Ergonomic handle and soft-grip layer make it comfortable to hold as well as utilize for long periods.
  • Relatively reduced noise level to spare your ear drums (rated at 100 dB).

What we did not like:

  • Light weight aluminum style could make the body feel a little less “durable” compared to other, much heavier solutions.
  • Some individuals report troubles with the trigger wearing out.

The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 is a workhorse power tool made for use by specialists on duty site along with everyday use around the home or on tasks. In its role as an influence wrench (or ImpacTool as it is described by Ingersoll), the W7150-K2 provides the high torque required for collaborating with outlets, nuts as well as screws with the marginal effort from the individual. Improving performance in a big way and also reducing exhaustion, the impact wrench has come to be a staple for technicians of all kinds, from day-to-day automotive to enormous hefty tools work, along with construction workers and also numerous types of product assembly.

BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver

What we like:

  • This tool actually loads an excellent torque. It takes away pressure normally required when making use of ordinary drill/drivers.
  • It comes with a 2 year limited producers guarantee.
  • Lithium-ion Battery provides long lasting efficiency.

What we did not like:

  • This device features simply one battery.
  • Stay cautious, when utilizing this one on smaller connecting hardware as it could remove the strings.

The Black & Decker Impact Driver BDCI20C 20V MAX Lithium Ion has a high-performance Transmission that delivers 1375″ pounds of max torque. When utilizing this tool, you can expect high power and also the strong force as these are just what it is recognized for. It comes with one battery which provides long-lasting efficiency. It also has two years warranty which makes it much safer than other tools to use.

DEWALT DCF899HB 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Wrench

What we like:

  • 700 ft-lbs of max torque on as well as 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque.
  • Small design of 8-13/16 ″ in size.
  • 1/2 ″ Anvil with hog ring (additionally available in detent pin).
  • LED light with 20 2nd delay for enhanced presence.
  • Warranty for 3 years.

What we did not like:

  • Its too noisy.
  • It has low spin speed.

This kit includes the impact wrench, bag, battery charger as well as two 20V MAX XR 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries. The new impact wrench has a durable impact mechanism with max torque at 700 ft-lbs. It has a 3-speed selector button by which you can enable application-specific torque/drive control. It also has a bright LED light for the low light circumstances. Dewalt’s brand-new influence wrench is really balanced and too ergonomic with the 5.0 Ah battery attached.

Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews

What is a cordless impact wrench?

Although impact wrenches are not very common in everyday life, they are still well known. Every transmission of a Formula One or DTM race uses high-quality pneumatic impact wrenches, which are used to mount the tires in less than 3 seconds from the chassis and to tighten them again. You will never reach such a speed with an electric impact wrench. Indeed, this is also due to the particular quick-release fasteners, which are used in motorsport.

An impact wrench is used for screwing and unscrewing bolts and nuts of all kinds and can also be used in the home improvement sector. The peculiarity of the electric impact wrench lies in a pulsating rotary motion. This movement provides much higher torque and allows the bolt to be tightened more tightly than conventional percussion drills. In contrast to the impact drill, an impact wrench does not have a keyless chuck but a square drive, which is used to hold sockets and bits.

In the category of impact wrenches there are two different types of impact wrenches. First, there are manual impact wrenches, which are also called hand-held impact drivers. Here you have to manually initiate the loosening of the screw with the stroke of a hammer on the screwdriver.

In addition to the hand-held impact wrenches, there are also motorized impact wrenches. Here one differentiates electrical and compressed air models. The pneumatic impact wrenches are driven by a pneumatic motor. He can either transfer the energy directly to a mechanical percussion or indirectly stimulate the work spindle via a hydraulic oil circulation process.

Electric impact wrenches have an electric motor that drives the work spindle via a mechanical impact mechanism. In order to be more mobile, there are now models that can be operated by battery. Overall, however, the torque is usually lower than with the pneumatic impact wrenches, so that the screws cannot be tightened so much and there may also be problems loosening screws.

Types of cordless impact wrench?

In addition to the hand-held impact wrenches, there are also motorized impact wrenches. Here one differentiates electrical and compressed air models. The pneumatic impact wrenches are driven by a pneumatic motor. He can either transfer the energy directly to a mechanical percussion or indirectly stimulate the work spindle via a hydraulic oil circulation process.

Electric impact wrenches have an electric motor that drives the work spindle via a mechanical impact mechanism. In order to be more mobile, there are now models that can be operated by battery. Overall, however, the torque is usually lower than with the pneumatic impact wrenches, so that the screws cannot be tightened so much and there may also be problems loosening screws.

Pro Cordless Impact Wrench

  • very powerful motor for a torque of more than 400 Nm
  • can also solve tire nuts without problems
  • Gearbox with several power levels
  • high battery capacity (3-4 Ah) for extended battery life
  • very expensive to buy
  • slightly higher weight


If you are looking for a battery impact wrench to change tires, you should prefer a professional impact wrench. Most screws can be tightened and loosened with a force of more than 400 Nm. Thus, the screwdrivers should be able to reliably turn all nuts and bolts in the household, on the car and motorcycle. Battery impact wrenches for the vehicle usually also have a higher battery capacity, so that no problems arise in continuous use. The weight is slightly higher than the devices for home improvement so that especially inexperienced users could have problems with it.

DIY Cordless Wrench

  • good for screwing in metal, wood or concrete
  • very small and handy – can also be used for overhead work or furniture making
    allows faster screwing than with ring spanner or open-end wrench
  • low acquisition costs
  • not enough power for use on the car
  • rather low battery capacity (1.5 Ah and less)

In the DIY sector, there is also cordless impact wrench. They are used when impact drills or cordless drills are too weak, and a socket set or spanner is required. The field of application is usually limited to house construction (e.g., installation of a roof truss, installation of a wooden fence or scaffolding) or furniture construction. They are used when ratchets and open-end wrenches do not allow for comfortable screwing, or where the location does not allow enough force to be applied (e.g., on ladders). Due to the smaller design, they are also used when unscrewing trim parts on the car.

How a Cordless Impact Wrench Works

Cordless impact wrenches provide workers with a way to decrease injuries and save time. The tool helps them drive and loosen nuts and bolts. Cordless impact wrenches significantly reduce the effort required from workers to complete jobs. The tools exert rotational force—called torque—in small, powerful bursts, and rechargeable, detachable battery packs supply their power. The reduced effort results in much less fatigue, if any, for the worker. This allows them to complete their work faster, increasing their productivity and profitability.

Workers often to resort to using a cordless impact wrench when all manual efforts have failed or when they are familiar with the difficulties of a repetitive task. No matter how difficult a fastener is to remove, an impact wrench can work it loose. When driving difficult fasteners, the impact wrench also pushes the nut or bolt forward exerting much more force than the horizontal pressure applied with manual efforts. An impact wrench’s action is similar to putting a box wrench on a fastener and hitting it with a hammer. Inside the impact wrench, the tool has its hammer and anvil. As the motor rotates, the hammer spins around and hits the anvil with powerful bursts that applies the force needed to drive or loosen a fastener. The repeated, short bursts also break loose corrosion and rust.

How to Determine Impact Wrench Needs

Cordless impact wrenches are the most desired type of impact wrenches available. The more heavy-duty a worker’s regular task, the more they are likely to invest in a power wrench solution. High-end cordless power wrenches can work as well as, or better than, most of their air powered peers. However, they have the advantage of an untethered power supply. When deciding on what grade of the impact wrench to invest in, workers must find a balance between power and weight based on their needs. The more powerful an impact wrench is, the more weight it carries in its housing. However, cordless impact wrench solutions are still slowly gaining market share from their air powered counterparts.

A benefit common to all cordless impact wrenches is that they produce much less recoil than air powered solutions. Different cordless impact wrench models produce different recoil levels, so workers must investigate different models and judge what grade of the device is suitable for their needs. For heavy, consistent industrial needs, workers should look at models that are above 18 volts. Lower voltages require much more effort on the part of the user. However, this tradeoff may work for individuals who seldom come across heavily rusted or immovable industrial grade fasteners.


Cordless impact wrenches definitely make a difficult job a lot easier. The biggest jobs require the strongest impact wrench. Check out to see if they have a cordless impact wrench for sale for your difficult or repetitive fastening needs.

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