Best Cordless Jigsaw Tools Reviews and a Complete Buying Guide

We evaluated the top jigsaws available in the market compared the process of tools features, usages, life cycle and cost.

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Written by: Rebecca Edwards  |   Updated: 23rd December, 2018

In this article, we will talk about the buying factors of cordless jigsaw, few top recommendations for the users along with some basic discussion. 

How We Found Top Product

Tools Adviser team collaborate with our guest author over here to create this guide for all of you. We research and check many products based on cost, features, using process and so on. Then came up with a list of top recommended product to help you out all. Before buying anything you can read our buying guide to know more and find the suitable one for you.





Ease of Use

What's the Best Jigsaw?

To undertake a range of different home improvement and DIY tasks, you need to ensure that you have a selection of high quality tools to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. It is an essential tool for precisely cutting a range of different materials. It dates back to over 60 years ago when an engineer named Albert Kaufmann was inspired by the mechanical action of a sewing machine. He engineered the jigsaw in 1946 by attaching a saw blade to his wife’s the sewing machine, basically inventing the first band saw. This led to the first jigsaw being released to the marketplace a year later, and woodworking hasn’t been the same since.

Jigsaws have the ability to perform both curved and straight cuts as well as custom shapes, crosscuts and beveling to name a few. They are also incredibly versatile allowing you to use them alongside a range of different materials, varying in density. It can be used to cut plastic, metals, wood and even ceramic tiles! Jigsaws are loved by professionals thanks to their ability to perform the job of many other power tools, meaning you don’t need as many.

Today’s cordless jig saws are capable of being used for many applications that are as varied as the people using them. With the wide variety of blades available, it can perform crosscuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and plunge cuts in addition to possessing excellent curve cutting capabilities on wood, metal, leather, and vinyl. This makes it one of the most versatile and desirable tools every professional and DIY type should have in his or her toolbox.

Factors to Consider Before You Purchase

When it comes time for buying a new cordless jigsaw, there are a few factors to consider, and hopefully, you will find this article helpful in making your decision.  This buying guide written by an expert user Georgie from Drill Service covers the key things you need to consider before buying it.

  • Blade –

The first thing to keep in mind is what you are going to use your cordless jig saw for. You need to consider a few things before choosing the jigsaw blade. You need to ask yourself a few questions at first. Which are –

  • What material are you going to cut?
  • What type of cut do you want?
  • Do you want a straight cut or curved cut?

Based on those facts you need to choose your saw blade type and saw itself.

  • Power Settings –

Power is arguably one of the most important things to consider, and it is likely that many people will be using their jigsaw for different tasks, so the individual requirements will differ. A higher power jigsaw (measured in volts for a cordless jigsaw) allows you to easily cut and work on harder materials, and you will also need a high capacity battery as the harder the motor is working, the quicker the battery will drain. A battery with a higher Ah rating number on means that your tool should have long-lasting battery once charged.

  • Orbital settings –

Whilst traditional jigsaws tend to move up and down, jigsaws with orbital settings consist of a circular motion allowing the user to have much more control of the jigsaws movements with fewer restrictions. If you are likely to be working with a variety of different materials, then a jigsaw with more orbital settings will be your best option, however if you will be working with the same materials at all times, then you won’t need many orbital settings. The more orbital settings the jigsaw has, the more ability it has to cut different materials with ease.

  • Motor’s speed –

Speed is another important aspect to consider when investing in it. Speed settings are mainly useful for if you want flexibility and increased precision when performing particular tasks. Many jigsaws tend to just have a fixed speed setting, which is suitable for occasional use, but if you are looking for specific results from your jigsaw, then having the ability to control the motor’s speed via a dial is particularly useful depending on what you will be using your tool for.

For example, if the jigsaw’s motor speed is too fast, this can have an effect on the material you are cutting and can burn them.  When cutting wood, a high speed setting is best used in order to prevent and reduce vibration. If you are likely to be scrolling as you cut with your jigsaw, then a slower speed setting is required.

Typically, a jigsaw’s speed is measured in RPM (rotations per minute) or SPM (strokes per minute).  Be sure to check your tool’s speed settings and power, depending on whether you feel you’ll need an adjustable speed setting, or if a fixed one will be sufficient. Power and speed go hand in hand, and are equally important to consider when buying a jigsaw.

Editor's Pick for Top Four Recommended Products

Here we reviews top cordless jigsaw tools available in the market. Read out unbiased reviews and learn about the basic of each products. If you find anything suitable for your task then you can buy it from the purchase link.

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

What We Like – 

  • It is designed with a four orbital setting.

  • Comes with a flexible dirt blower to keep cutline clear as well as dust-free.

  • Speed: 0-3000 SPM

  • The blade can be changed conveniently and conveniently.

  • Shoe bevel cuts at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

  • Comes with an anti-slip grip.

What We Don’t Like – 

  • Blades come out often.

  • Hefty weight

  • It is just minimal for t-shank blades.

DEWALT DCS331B 20V MAX Jig Saw is built for the power, ease, and efficiency. It will fit for your work especially for any DIY task at your home. It has enough ability to work in any application. Also, you can cut any types of things including steel and metal. It has adjustable attributes which make your choice easy.  It’s comfortable to handle while working. It comes with the saw blade. But you need to purchase the battery separately.

Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Bare-Tool

What We Like – 

  • Hefty (it’s a plus point).

  • Well balanced – no wobble.

  • Sturdy.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Powerful.

  • Provides precise cuts.

  • Toll-free footwear bevel.

What We Don’t Like – 

  • No LED lights to see the cuts properly.

  • Required a little toughness topped with finesse to put the blade directly in position.

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Jig Saw is one of the long lasted high-quality tool. It’s also first lithium-ion functioned jigsaw. Pretty fantastic.

Its tool-free, footwear bevel with favorable stops efficiently help you to readjust the shoe promptly. It also increases the accuracy of work. The angle goes 45 levels both to the left and right and has detents at 0, 15, 30 as well as 45 degrees.

Its 5-positions orbital setting will provide more functions if you compare to that with any other tools in the same category. Any non-experienced users will undoubtedly have the ability to conveniently select the exact sort of cut or speed that a specific work calls for.

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Tool

What We Like – 

  • Dirt blower gets rid of particles for better visibility.

  • Three orbital settings.

  • Three years limited warranty.

  • Variable rate trigger (0-2,500 SPM) gives control for clean and precise cuts.

  • It includes 90 days money back offer.

What We Don’t Like – 

  • No option to lock the speed setting.

  • Need to buy a charger and battery separately.

Porter Wire PCC650B 20V MAX lithium jigsaw has three different settings which can be adjusted easily to cut in the separate application. For the clean and clear-cut it has a variable rate trigger. The trigger also provides excellent control over your cutting. It contains a dust blower which can blow away the debris and dust particles so that you get a clean surface to work on. For the easy blade adjustment, you will also get a toll-free blade launch. With this 0 to 45-degree bevel cut is possible. This high performing jigsaw can easily cut in timber, steel, PVC pipeline, sink cutouts, and so on.

BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20B 20V Lithium Bare Tool

What We Like – 

  • It includes dust blower.

  • It has a variable speed trigger.

  • It comes with the free blade.

What We Don’t Like – 

  • There is no led light.

  • You need to buy the battery separately.

Do not let this standard jigsaw fool you. The BDCJS20B version has whatever you need to do basic woodworking. If you are feeling a lot more creative, it also has some advanced attributes.

As discussed in the past, it is a cordless jig saw that work with 20v batteries. What it does deal is a decent motor that gives you a maximum 2500 ppm. While it is not as powerful as a few other jigsaws on the market, it is enough for most residence projects.

Like lots of various other jigsaws on the market, the BDCJS20B likewise uses tool cost-free blade transforming. This releases you up from adjusting the blades and even more time for your tasks. You can use either U or T shank blades with the saw.

And also, you don’t need to worry about dust flying about with the built-in dirt blower. Also, it likewise has a clear line of sight. You can see where your blade is on the job piece for better accuracy.

You additionally have boosted control with the rate trigger on the jigsaw. Sadly, it does not have a dial for setting speeds. You can only control it by the trigger.

Safety Advice

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Own safety on the job requires that you do not operate the tool while fatigued, inebriated or otherwise preoccupied. Not paying attention to the task at hand can result in a trip to the emergency room.

Dress correctly for the job. Loose baggy clothing, long hair and jewelry can all get caught up in moving components. Make sure you have the correct eyewear, and we are not talking about a pair of flashy sunglasses. They may look cool, but you need to find a good pair of safety glasses and wear them.

If you are cutting into materials which kick up a lot of dust, you may want to grab a particle mask. Also, some job sites and employers may require you wear hard hats and steel-toed footwear. Check to make sure if these added levels of protection are necessary or needed. Hearing protection may also be necessary, depending on your work environment.

Video Credit – Jon Gianelli

  • Ensuring a Safe Working Area

Once you are appropriately dressed for the tasks at hand, you will want to turn your attention to your work area. When working with power tools of any type, whether corded or cordless, having a clean, well lit and properly ventilated work area is significant. Make sure there is no distraction such as kids or inquisitive onlookers distracting you as you work. Also, check the piece you are working on for nails and screws, and make sure of proper blade clearance beneath the work area.

  • Proper Handling

Always remember that you have a live tool in your hands when working with cordless jig saws. It’s easy to forget this if you don’t have a cord dragging behind you as a constant reminder. Carrying your cordless jig saw around with your fingers on the trigger is inviting an accident. Regardless of whether you injure yourself or an innocent bystander, this is something you want to avoid.

Make sure you are working on a stable object, which may entail using a clamp or two. Using your lap or body to secure the piece is not only stupid but will result in an accident that may be hard to live down.

Don’t use your cordless jug saw if the switch won’t work. This could be a problem with the switch, or possibly a short in the tools wiring, both of which are dangerous situations. Also, make sure not to touch the blade or material you are cutting until it has cooled down, as it will be hot.

best Cordless Jigsaw reviews 2019

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a jigsaw?

A jigsaw provides you with all of the benefits of a corded jigsaw, but instead gives you more flexibility on where you can take the tool with you, and use for your DIY tasks as it is completely portable. Not having a cord to restrict you often outweighs the benefits of a corded jigsaw for many, however like every tool there are pros and cons to purchasing a jigsaw.

Corded VS Cordless

Do you want the convenience and freedom of having a cordless jigsaw? Or do you prefer the traditional alternative for it’s often stronger capabilities?

It’s obviously allow you to undertake DIY tasks around the house, without being restricted by a cord. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries which will need to be recharged and replaced as frequently as required. Their portability is hugely convenient for carrying out a range of different tasks around the house or even outdoors.

However, if you are likely to be in the same area when working on your task, or are going to be cutting harder materials, this then results in the jigsaw’s motor having to work harder, which in effect will drain the battery much quicker. Therefore, if your tasks typically involve you cutting materials for a long period of time, in the same area then a corded jigsaw is your best bet.

Another option to consider that will extend the time you can use your tool for, is to have multiple batteries as back up. This way, you can continue to use a spare battery whilst your other one charges. Many manufacturers offer the option of buying a ‘naked jigsaw’ meaning you can easily replace the batteries as and when needed, rather than just having to wait for it to charge. 

What is Jigsaw used for?

It mainly uses for making the curved cut or intricate cuts in wood. It can use for curved cut mostly but also you can do plunge cut, straight cut and bevel cut.  

What can a jigsaw cut through?

Jigsaw is for cutting wood, but it can also cut through plastic, metal, tile, etc.

  • Wood

Jigsaw is the best for any woodworking project. Primarily it widely uses to cut any wooden objects.

  • Laminate

You can cut through any hard and thick objects with jigsaw lie laminate. If you need to install new laminate into your kitchen, then you can use jigsaw easily.

  • Ceramic Tile

You can also do any intricate cut at ceramic tile using the jigsaw. It has a narrow blade which able to cut through ceramic comfortably.

  • Plastic

With a slow speed setting, you can cut any plastic object for your project. Along with plastic, you can cut fiberglass as well.

  • Plasterboard

You can use a jigsaw as an alternative to drywall saw to cut in plasterboard.

What is an Orbital action jigsaw?

Most of the jigsaw comes with orbital action nowadays. It provides aggressive cut along with more efficiency while cutting objects with laminate.

After implementing this feature, you will get a swinging motion on the jigsaw. Then, you will need to angle the blade slightly forward. It will help you cut into the workpiece without moving up and down.

It will not ensure the accurate cut only but also keeps the blade cooler. It helps to extend the blade working period.

How thick can a jigsaw cut?

A jigsaw can cut any wood which is thicker than the length of its blade under its saw blade. It depends on the blade teeth along with the type of wood. If you are using softwood, you can cut thicker using a jigsaw.

Average jigsaw blades are four inches long. You can find longer blades for the specific requirement.

When you are using a 4-inch blade, you will usually cut a 3-inch length of the thick wood. It is a simple calculation of how thick a jigsaw can cut.

How to Use a JigSaw

Here is an infographic about how to use a jigsaw properly –

How to Use A Jigsaw properly with 7 basic steps

Disadvantages of Jigsaws

Some of the disadvantages of  jigsaws are the same as with any cordless tool, the need to keep spare batteries and a battery charger at hand, and sacrifice of power in exchange for versatility and convenience. Buying a cordless circular without enough power can end up with the saw “bouncing,” resulting in less than perfect cuts. Cordless jig saws can sometimes be difficult to handle in the hands of an inexperienced operator, therefore selecting a model that isn’t too heavy and feels comfortable when using it becomes essential. The safety is another issue to consider, and you will find an article dealing with this at my cordless jig saw safety advice tips at below.

Overall Verdict

Once you have considered all of the capabilities of a cordless jigsaw, and whether you require a jigsaw for heavy duty work or one for the ultimate precision, check out the Independent’s guide to the 10 best jigsaws here.

I hope this article has helped, and please take a look at the other articles and reviews on this website before making the decision on which cordless jig saw is best for you. I’m sure there will be plenty of information to help you in making your choice.

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