DEWALT DWE575 Lightweight 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

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Review Overview





DEWALT DWE575 Lightweight 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, as its name suggests, is one of the lightest circular saws in its class since it weighs merely 8.8 pounds. Despite being light, this circular saw, this circular saw can handle even the toughest of applications since a 15-amp motor powers it. A blade wrench, carbide tipped 7-1/4-inch blade, and it also includes a user manual.

Features of DEWALT DWE575 Lightweight Circular Saw

Here are some of the features:

  • Compact and lightweight yet durable, this circular saw is ideal for cutting applications in various materials.
  • The wrench will be easily accessible since this circular saw has onboard storage for blade wrench.
  • A 1-year free service contract, a 3-year limited warranty, and a 90-day money-back guarantee backs up this circular saw.

Features Explanation of DEWALT DWE575

  • Power in A Compact Package

The DEWALT DWE575 is just 7.2 inches wide and weighs merely 8.8 pounds could easily deceive anyone. However, a 15-amp motor is housed in this circular saw because of which up to 5,200 RPM is delivered by this circular saw, along with 1,950 max watts out. In the class of circular saws, the DWE575 is without a doubt one of the lightest circular saws, but it will still be able to power through any cutting application, whether exterior siding is being installed on the home or interior walls are being framed up.

  • Circular at Any Angle

The DEWALT DWE575 lightweight circular saw provides the versatility of depth cut in various materials, from composite to metal to wood. This circular saw also has a depth of cut of 2-9/16 inch and a beveling capacity of 57 degrees, with detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. As a result, it can use for a myriad of applications. It has also integrated a dust blower, so the line of sight will always remain clean, making it possible to perform smooth and straight cuts.

  • DEWALT Durability

The base and shoe of this DEWALT DWE575 are made of high-grade aluminum, so it ensures accurate cuts and smooth movements. The ball-bearing anti-snag lower guard provides additional control and the lifespan of this circular saw is also prolonged by it. Compared to the cords of regular circular-saws, the Tough Cord cord system of the DWE575 will prove to be three times more resistant to pullouts. Despite being heavy duty and tough circular saw, users who use this circular saw for long periods will not experience discomfort because of the actuation of its trigger and its ergonomic handles.

What I Like

The DEWALT DWE575 has been dubbed the Best Value Circular Saw. This circular saw cuts with power because of its 15-amp motor. The eight-foot cord is long enough. It can control the blade lock, bevel angle, and using metal levers.

It can stop the blade spin within two seconds using a magnetic brake. The DWE575 is a very balanced circular saw. As a DEWALT product, this circular saw will prove durable, sturdy, and reliable. Within the mentioned price range, it is the cheapest circular saw from DEWALT.

What I Don't Like

24-tooth carbide tipped saw blade would have been better than the 18-tooth one that comes with this circular saw. Moreover, no carrying case is available with this circular saw.

Video Credit: – Tools In Action

Price Range

Comparatively, within the price range of $90 and $130, the DEWALT DWE575 is the cheapest DEWALT circular saw, yet it provides far more value.

Who Would Buy This

For concrete formers, framers, general contractors, and remodelers, the DWE575 are a must-have since it is perfect for cutting plywood, exterior finishing, framing walls, siding, and much more. Anyone who may need to use a powerful cutting machine will enjoy this circular saw. The DWE575 will deliver a powerful punch in a durable package. It will muscle its way through any application, no matter how tough.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that the DEWALT DWE575 Lightweight 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw comes with adjustments that are easy and a quality that is great. It can lock the blade so that the motor does not turn while the blade is being changed, which is a nice feature. For most professionals, this circular saw will perform so well it will find a permanent place in their toolbox.

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