How to Remove Rust from Tools Fast

how to remove rust from tools fast

Rust will leave your tools useless when it completely consumes them. At that point, you will have no other option but to throw away your valuable tools and replace them with new ones. However, you may go through the same process with the new ones as well if you do not look after them and keep them away from rust. Without properly sharpen tools we can’t work on our woodworking projects. So it’s important to know how to remove rust from tools fast.

Removing the rust off your power tools before it’s too late will help you retain them for a longer period. For that, you need to be aware of the different ways for remove rust from tools. Firstly, you have the option of removing rust by using the various products available on the market whose purpose is to eliminate rust, or you can even use ingredients from home to accomplish the task of removing rust from metal.

How to Remove Rust from Tools Fast

So basically to keep our woodworking tools clean all the time we have few options mentioned below which are proven ways to clean rusty metal-

  • Using diesel to remove rust – One of the most effective answers to how to clean rusty tools is diesel. All you have to do is buy a liter of diesel from a gas station. Pour that diesel into a container and keep your tools in it for a day. After that, take out the tools and if the rust is still present on them, use a brush to clean them off. After that, take a small piece of cloth and clean your tools properly. This process is bound to leave your tools as good as new. You can store the diesel in a can or bottle for cleaning more tools in the future if needed.
  • With the help of a chemical remover – There are many different chemicals available on the market that you can use to clean your tools which will act as the best rust remover for your tools. These compounds are usually made up of various types of acids which can be very harmful to your body, so if you are planning on using these, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions. When you are using a chemical remover, check the back of the bottle for instructions and follow them. These instructions may vary from chemical to chemical, so be sure to check them every time before use. Some chemicals may require you to keep the tools soaked in for a longer period. The downside of chemical remover is that they are expensive and may not work for your bigger tools.
  • Using another harsh tool to scrape off the rust – You will need to put in a lot of effort into cleaning your tools if you choose this method, but at the same time, it is very effective. All you need is a sharp and hard tool to do the job. You can find this tool in your house or buy it at a store. You can even use a screwdriver for the job. A good option to use is steel wool, as it is easy to use and can effectively take off the rust. Electric sander also makes a good choice if you are planning on removing rust from a bigger tool. After you have scraped off the rust, make sure to use sandpaper to clean off the remaining rust and to make sure that all marks are removed which were left behind by the scraping.
  • Using white vinegar – Vinegar rust removal is one of the best natural ingredients that can help you remove rust from your tools quickly. The product dissolves the rust off any metal quickly by chemically reacting with it. The process is quite simple; place your tool in white vinegar for a few hours and clean it off with a brush or cloth. Another way to clean rust off with vinegar is by dipping aluminum foil into it and scrubbing the tool with it. If you use regular vinegar, remember to set your tools on it for a longer period.

how to remove rust from tools fast with oil

  • Clean it with lime and salt – Another good way of removing rust from metal is by pouring a lot of salt over the tool and then, pouring lime juice all over. You will need to use an ample amount of juice and salt, and set the blend for a few hours. You will then use the rind from the lime to clean off the tool as it is a potent agent that will quickly clean off the rust.
  • Using a baking soda paste – This is one of the best ways to remove rust. Mix a lot of baking soda and water to make a thick paste which will quickly cover the entire tool. Leave it for some time and then, scrub it off using a brush and clean with water. There are no set portions of baking soda and water, so you can use as much as you like.
  • Using citric acid – You can find powdered citric acid in the baking or cooking section of any grocery store in your area. In a container, pour out the powdered citric acid and place the tool on top of it. After that, pour enough hot water over it that the tool is completely covered in water. Leave it for the night and rinse in the morning. It is an effective way to get rid of rust.

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There is a thing known as a rust converter which helps you stop the rust from eating your tools. It is relatively straightforward to use; all you have to do is spray paint it over your tools and the rust will stop expanding. The main purpose of this product is to prevent the rust from spreading, so it might not do a great job of cleaning the power tools. If you plan on painting over the converter, be sure to know that it will not give you the smooth paint texture that you may want.

The above tips should answer your question on how to remove rust from tools fast. If one of these tips does not work, you can try another way of getting the rust off the metal. Either way, knowing how to clean your tools can allow them to serve their purpose for a longer period in woodworking journey.


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