How to Make a Personalized Wooden Clock

Personalized Wooden Clock

Making Your Own Personalized Wooden Clock

Everyone in this world has to use time at one point or another. Time is used for everyday life and everyday situations. People all over the world have to use the time to plan their everyday activities whether it be for waking up in the mornings to go to work or going to that important meeting that you have scheduled with your co-workers. Almost every family in the world has some type of timepiece in their household. Some people have watched as their only means of telling what hour of the day it is. Some people go to the extent of having a beautiful grandfather clock sitting in the home sometimes placed in their family room. These clocks are so beautiful and one of the more popular forms of clocks known to date.

If you ever feel like just sitting down and being creative and start to have thoughts about what you can do for all that extra spare time you have after you get off of work or just need something to do when you’re bored, then think about making your own little personalized wooden clock. It doesn’t have to be anything real fancy but just something small if you wish and it would be something that you created all by yourself and didn’t have to go out and by. Just think of what it would be like to stare up at the wall and see a personalized wooden clock hanging there that you built with your own time and hands. It would be something beautiful that you yourself and others that come to visit you can look at. Just imagine having family members or friends over and having them stare at your own hand-built timepiece and saying ‘where did you buy that beautiful clock at?’ You could then say ‘I built that myself ‘and then you see them smile and tell you that you didn’t make it. How awesome of a feeling would that be? Honestly!

Well, here we go. Their materials that you will be needing are very accessible and fairly cheap in price.

Materials that you will be needing are:

  • Clock Frame

You will be needing one clock frame which can be picked up at almost any crafts and hobby shop or even at Walmart. Wal-Mart is where I got my clock frame with the center hole for the timepiece ready shaped out with the hole already pre-made in the center for the actual time timepiece the clock. My choice of a design was a clover looking shape that was just a piece of wood cut out in the shape of a clover without any paint or anything. If you buy a frame, be sure that it is already sanded down unless you want to sand it yourself, otherwise this project will take a bit longer. They should come pre-sanded on the spot though. The frame that I bought was purchased at Wal-Mart and was only $2.50 for the actual frame. It was very cheap considering the project and the actual work that was already done on it from the factory.

  • Timepiece

You will need to purchase the actual time piece for the frame which is the actual hands of the clock. This can be purchased below $ 6 if you get the cheapest one available. You may even find one that is actually cheaper in your hometown. Just do some investigating if you wish and don’t have the money or means to spend $ 6. Your actual timepiece may require you to buy at least one AA battery to make your time piece run. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a top named battery. You can just buy a knock off the brand battery to operate your clock if you wish. Your clock just won’t have the run time of a more expensive top brand named battery. So if you want your clock to last quite a bit longer, go for the name brand battery.

  • Numbers

You will need the numbers to circle your clock. You can pick these up fairly cheaply. You can also buy the numerical lines instead of numbers if you wish to have your clock look more sophisticated and old fashioned rather than a modern-day times clock.

  • Glue

You will need some glue. The glue type matters because you’re going to need some glue that is going to be strong enough to support the digits for the clock and for holding the actual time piece of the clock to inside on the back of the frame you’re going to be using.

  • Wire & Nail

You will need a thin piece of wire and a nail to hang your beautiful creation up with or if you like, you can create something on the back of the clock to display it on your counter top. You could possibly use a cheap dowel rod also purchased from your local crafts and hobby shop or Wal-Mart to glue on the back to stabilize the clock to sit upright on your surface. You will have to make sure that it is stabilized on both sides though to ensure that it will not fall in the occasion of a vibration of some sort happening.

  • Saw or Cutter

You might need some saw or cutter to cut the wood for getting some shape. To design your timepiece or frame you need to do some woodworking task using saw or wood cutter. Depends on your choice completely.

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The instructions for doing this project are as follows below:

  • First:

You will need to lay all of your contents out onto your platform from which you will be working whether it be from your kitchen table or your living room floor.

  • Second:

Start off by taking the center time piece. Unscrew the hands from the part that makes the hands move and slide the part called a spindle that rotates the hands through the backside of the frame into the center whole that comes pre-cut from the factory. After you insert the rotating spindle through the backside of the frame, attach the hands back onto the rotating spindle making sure to place the short hand on first, second hand second and your long hand on last. Then screw the holding piece for the hands back on over the moving hands to ensure that they don’t come off when spinning around the clock. This is very important that you screw them on good to ensure that your clock doesn’t lose time because they are loosely fitted.

  • Third:

You can then begin placing your numbers around your hands making sure that the number 12 is directly on top and the number 6 is directly on the bottom. The numbers have to be exactly spaced apart. You should probably by a pre-made time circle that is already in a circle if you’re a novice to creating personalized wooden clock from scratch. This way you won’t have to position the numbers yourself and take a chance on not spacing them accordingly.

You then will need to glue your thin piece of wire to the back-top portion of the clock in a triangle shape, using the bottom of the triangle to be attached to the top portion of the clock itself for stability and the top pointy part of the triangle as the part that will hook onto your nail that is going to be in your wall.

Last, let your clock dry overnight or however long the directions for your glue say to let it settle and then hang your piece of work up on your wall by the nail that you have put in and gloat over your very own creation.

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You can also take a wood burner if you wish which costs anywhere from $9.99 to $25.00 from Wal-Mart and start by burning beautiful creations around your clock. A suggestion if you’re going to do this is to first get yourself a good stencil from a local retailer and trace out designs onto your clock either with pen or pencil and then wood burn over the stenciled drawings. I personally used flowers on mine and spaced them out evenly all around the frame of the clock. Be sure to do this first thing though in order to keep from destroying any other portion of the clock. If you do all of the other steps first, there is a great chance that you will indeed have many complications in creating your clock including possibly burning or heating up something that candle heat such as the hands of the clock and completely destroy all of your hard work that you put into it.

Another thing that you can do is if you want to take the time to do some staining of your clock, you can purchase a small can of stain from Wal-Mart or another retailer in your town and do some staining before doing the previous steps listed. This must be the very first thing that you do if you’re going to go the distance with your clock unless you’re doing the wood burning as well. Then you can do the staining afterward as the second step if you’re doing wood burning to create designs into your clock. Staining is a beautiful effect that will certainly set your clock off when it is hung or displayed on your counter-top.

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One other thing that you can do with your personalized clock is place pennies around the outside edges of the clock if you have chosen to stain your clock. You can simply glue some pennies in a circular pattern around your clock if you like. Pennies look excellent on a dark wood finish. They blend in so well and give your clock that old-fashioned home look. This is perfect if your home is fashioned in antiques. It just sets it off so beautifully.

This is one wonderful project that you can do for yourself even if you’re not skilled in woodworking because most everything is done for you out of the factory. All you have to do is just purchase the materials and you’re ready to sit down and do some fun and exciting work that is really effortless and cheap.

Just experiment with your clock and see what beautiful and creative ideas you can come up with to make your clock set off from all the other clocks out there.

Add some decorations around your clock on the wall such as flowers if you have a clock that is fashionable and colorful. Add some accent around it and make it really stand out from other stuff in the room.

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