Safety Tips of Jigsaw for Better Handling

handling a cordless jigsaw

If you do a certain kind of job where you need to use jigsaw regularly, you should know how to use it properly.  There are few rules and safety tips of jigsaw you should know for better handling. For the inexperienced users, cutting with the saw can be very dangerous. A jigsaw is a powerful tool which runs with battery or electric power. It also has a sharp blade to cut things in different shape. If proper rules are not maintained while cutting, the mishap can happen anytime, and one can also be injured.

The modern jigsaw is built with a lot of safety mechanisms which can reduce the chances of injury. But one should still be careful while working with the jigsaw. From this article, you will get to know the safety tips of handling a jigsaw.

Few Safety Tips of Jigsaw

Before checking out the occupational safety tips let’s look for the safety equipment which you will need to work with a jigsaw.

  • Use safety goggles

Before working with a jigsaw, one should equip himself/herself with the proper safety equipment. One of the most important things to get while working with a jigsaw is the safety goggles. While cutting any materials, the falling parts can go to eyes and create irritation. Sometimes you may not see the dust while working. The invisible dust can also create problems on your eyes. Wearing googles can help you keep your eyes safe from all kind of dangers while working.

  • Wear fitting clothes

While working with a jigsaw, you need to maintain the specific dress code. Wearing fitted clothes is important when you will run the jigsaw. The loose end of the cloth can get attached with the blade of the jigsaw and cause accident.

  • Use quality equipment

You need to choose quality equipment while working with a jigsaw. Poor quality jigsaw can cause accidents and also may not provide you with the desired cut. You may also need a few more things to work with a jigsaw. The work bench, guide rail, etc. are some additional things which will provide you a perfect and precise cut. You should also need to be careful about the quality of these additional things to avoid any kind of accidents.

Safety Tips of Jigsaw for Better Handling

So, these are some essential safety tips of jigsaw which you need to maintain every day while working with a jigsaw. Some occupational safety tips which you should maintain while working with a jigsaw are discussed below-

  1. You will need to concentrate on your work especially when you are using a power tool. The jigsaw is a power tool and cuts different materials with the blade. So, before start cutting, you need to check everything. The cutting should be done with the highest concentration. An inch wrong movement can make you injured. The cable of the jigsaw should be long enough so that you can move it easily.
  2. The first thing you should do before using the jigsaw is reading the user instruction or manual from the manufacturer. It will help you to understand the features and the components of a jigsaw. So, while using the jigsaw, you will be able already known to every part of the jigsaw.
  3. You can adjust an extraction bag with the jigsaw while working with it. Cutting anything with a jigsaw can create a lot of mess around the working area. When you adjust an extraction bag with a jigsaw, it will help you keep the working area clean and clear.
  4. Selecting a saw blade is the most important thing to consider before making any cut. Different types of blades are required for cutting different materials. If you make any mistake while choosing the right blade for cutting the particular material, you will bring disaster for you. So, if you are confused about choosing the blade for the jigsaw, you should analyze and make sure about the right blade and then start cutting.
  5. You also need to check the blade frequently while making any cut. The blade might need to be replaced or sharpen during the work. Frequent checking can save you from the unnecessary hazard.
  6. While using the jigsaw, you should be careful about the surroundings. Power tools are not suitable to operate in a wet environment. So, before start working, you need to make sure that your working area is clean. Water and moisture should not be locked in your workstation.
  7. After completing the work, you must disconnect the jigsaw from the electric connection. You also need to clean your jigsaw and keep it in a dry place. It is better if you place it in a toolbox.

So, these are some essential safety tips of which you need to maintain while working with a jigsaw.

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