Which is Better Single Or Double-Cylinder Deadbolt?

single and double cylinder door lock

When it regards your home, it is essential that you are careful about every single thing in your house. Just like the doors, your door locks are equally important playing a vital role in keeping you and your family safe and secure as well as your belongings. The basic door locks are too easy for the intruders to open forcefully without taking your keys. To maintain safety and security, it is essential that the main doors of your home have a secured deadbolt. There are mainly two kinds of deadbolts you can get for your doors.

  • Single cylinder door locks.
  • Double-cylinder door locks.

The most frequent questions asked about these door locks are how its different to one another or which one is better. in this article, I’m going to describe how these door locks work and how these are different from one another.

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Single cylinder door locks:

Single cylinder door locks are the most common and basic door locks people uses on their doors. You require to use a key to open this lock from the outside of the door. You can lock the door from inside by twisting a thumb turn mechanism. You can also unlock it in this way. These enhance the security than basic knob locks, yet there remains some risk. It can easily be broken if the door is located beside a window. If the intruder can reach to the door know through the window and unlock it from inside, it will open automatically. Single cylinder doors are common because of its availability, efficiency and cheap. These are easy to install so most people prefer it.

Double cylinder door locks:

Just like single door locks, you will also require to use the key to lock the door. The difference is that you need to lock the door from both inside and outside with the key. It means that you will need to use the key to unlock the door no matter which side you are on. It ensures more security as unlocking from one side does not work. These locks are mainly designed for the doors with glass panels or adjacent windows. In double cylinder door locks, there is no use of thumb-turn, so the intruders can’t reach inside unlocking doors usually.

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But it has some drawbacks too. First of all, it is expensive, and the installation of it is also complicated and costly. It also creates a dilemma in many cases. Especially in emergency cases, you have to go through the process of finding the key and opening keys. You might not have this much time always especially in emergencies like fire if you don’t find the right key you won’t be able to escape at the right time. To avoid these kinds of situations, you should always keep spare keys next to your doors or in places that you will find easily.

Both of these door locks are convenient and useful for door locking. But as single cylinder door locks can easily be opened just by twisting thumb of the door using a key, in most of the fire exits it is used widely.

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