Table Saw or Circular Saw – What You Need in Your Workshop?

Table Saw Vs Circular Saw

For any woodworker, sawing is the primary task in the project. There are several ways to cut the material. And you can use different tools for the cut. Circular saw, Table saw, Band saw, etc. are available in the market. Now the point is which one you need to buy first.

Here we will discuss the details of the table saw and circular saw. So you can decide which one you need to do for your project between the table saw vs circular saw.

What is Circular Saw?

A circular saw is a powerful tool which is run by using rotary motion around an arbor and cut anything straight away. It uses the toothed or abrasive blade to cut any kinds of materials. We use the circular saw to cut small materials in a household woodworking project. It is a beneficial material for a sharp cut, but the crosscut is not possible with a circular saw. Circular saw, with its different blades can cut any materials accurately.

With the circular saw, you can cut any material like wood, masonry, plastic, etc. accurately. It is convenient and easy to use for any beginner. That’s why people who want to cut at the beginning level should go for a circular saw. Circular saw can be of two forms: cordless circular saw and corded circular saw. The perfect circular saw for you will be the cordless saw if you want to move places with the saw. If you want something deeper cut and hard material to cut, then corded circular saw is best for you as it has more power supply facility than the corded one.

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Circular saw it comes with different functions and nature. Some common types of the circular saw are:

  • Miter saw:

It also knows a miter saw as a chop saw or cut-off saw, is worked with a miter box. Woodcutter mostly uses it for small cutting, miter cutting, and cross-cutting.

  • Abrasive saw:

For cutting the hard metal, the abrasive saw is modern. It is mostly used for cutting metal.

  • Cold saw:

Like abrasive saw, cold saw cuts with the abrasive disk and transfers the heat to the chip so that the blades and cutting material can remain cold.

  • Panel saw:

A panel saw is used widely to make the perfect cut of the metal, aluminum, plastic, etc.

There are also various types of saw like the string trimmer, radial saw, table saw, swing saw, Sally saw are used for different cutting of the materials. Using the circular saw perfectly is up to the user of the circular saw. They must identify their need at first and then should choose the circular saw which is the best for them.

Table Saw Vs Circular Saw

Circular Saw Safety Tips

To use every machine highest safety caution should be taken otherwise an accident can happen with an instant. Usages of a circular saw is not an easy task. Here some circular saw safety tips you should keep in mind:

  • You should wear safety wear to operate such a machine like the circular saw. Using safety sunglasses and gloves are must while working with a circular saw.
  • You can leave the machine without unplugged the power. It can be a reason for serious injury if you do not unplug it after completing the work.
  • Choosing the right blade for the work is another safety caution you should make before starting the work.
  • If you use the dull blade to cut anything, it will not work correctly and may cause a hazard for you.

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What is a Table Saw?

To cut a large piece of sheet stocks and the heavy woods table saw is the best match. The table saw is the heart of any woodcutter shop for its rips and cross-cutting features. An electric motor runs a table saw. It comprises a circular saw blade, and it is mounted on an arbor. It is the best wood cutting tool. There are four basic categories of the table saw. They are contractor table saw, bench top table saw, a hybrid table saw, and a cabinet table saw. They work almost in the same way, but they are different in their shape, structure, and operating procedure. A table saw is a form of the circular saw.

  • Bench top saw:

A bench top saw is a small saw designed to cut different things ranges between 12 inches to maximum 16 inches. It’s hard to cut a large piece of sheets due to its small size and lightweight. It is also known as job site saw as one person can carry it to the job place.

  • Cabinet saw:

What is a cabinet saw? It is the opposite version of the lightweight saw. It is made to reduce the vibration and accurate cut. The motor of the table saw is adjacent to a cabinet. It drives its blades with some parallel v-belts.

  • Contractor saw:

The contractor saw it is heavier and more durable than any other saw. Because of the heavier weight, it can cut anything with more accuracy and profound than the other saw.

  • Hybrid saw:

The hybrid table saw is the combination of contractor and cabinet saw. It has some similar features with the contractor and cabinet saw.

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Table Saw Safety Tips

A table saw is one of the most dangerous saws to work with. You must be very careful while working with a table saw. You must take cautions about some issues while cutting anything with the table saw.

  • In the time of squaring up a blade with the drafting square, the saw should be unplugged.
  • It should align the adjustments on all guards.
  • It should avoid cutoff less than 2 inches as the short cutoff may catch by the blades.
  • It is always safe to start your work by reading the full manual of a machine. There are precautions still written on it so you can avoid any trouble.
  • Another caution should be taken over kickback. If you do not put the things which should be cut off in the right way, it can kick the blades back, and this can make a dangerous accident in an instant.

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Table Saw Vs Circular Saw

There are no big differences between the table saw and circular saw. You can use the circular saw in a portable way or you can mount it in the table. But you can’t use a table saw in a portable way. Its fixed with the table. Rest of the task can be done by both tools.

Whether it’s circular saw or table saw safety issues always come first while working with any of the power tools. If you know every pros and con about the machine, you are using every day for your job you can do the job even more appropriately. So before doing anything having explicit knowledge about it is highly recommended. If you can’t identify where to use the circular saw and where to the table saw, then do research and take the expert suggestion to remove your confusion.

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